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TMC Player Reviews: Ansalon

Review Submitted By: Zivilyn
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on Ansalon: Pre-Time, I'm everywhere
Submission Date: Feb 28, 2006
TMC Listing: Ansalon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Zivilyn] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The Fishing Items:
Fishing ROD - these can be of different lengths and strengths.
BAIT - based on size and how desirable the bait is,
LINE - line size is key. Big is strong, but fish can see it
easier. You can have line break off, and still have
line, just less of it. You will need new hooks, bait,
SINKER - big you can make go lower, small you can raise...
Sinkers are needed only to change depth.
HOOK - size and strength, big scares little fish, little
won't catch big fish.

How to fish:
fish - If you are holding an equipped rod, you can
fish. ie - Fish north, you will cast your line north.

FISH lower - This will attempt to lower depth of your bait
FISH raise - This attempts to raise depth of your bait.

FISH reel - This is the command that attempts to reel in line.
You'll want to reel until you lose or land the fish...
But, you have to be mindful of the direction the fish is
going, if it's going nuts, let it play a bit, then reel.

FISH REEL Left/Right/back - Reel with or against the fish...

How to:
Get set up:
Buy rod, line, hook, sinker, and some of your favorite bait.
PUT line rod, put hook rod, put sinker rod, put bait rod... wear
rod... Then... Fish!

Get the fish:
Nibbles, watch... wait. Dead line, or bite, FISH REEL!!!
Keep reeling! Once you land it, 'get fish rod' to remove it.
That's it!

The fish are sellable.
Version 1.2 coming soon (120+ fish species)(90 species so far).
Its rumored that a fishmarket buys the fish, other shops may as well.
Some food shops are known to... making bait, cooking all kinds of
things, in version 1.2, sooooon.

Ziv, the crazy fisherman.

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