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TMC Player Reviews: God Wars II

Review Submitted By: Eiroku
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: 24 November 2004
Submission Date: Nov 5, 2005
TMC Listing: God Wars II

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Eiroku] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I first started playing Godwars 2 when it was GladiatorPits III which
was the testing ground for the aforementioned mud. The learning curve
is a little steep, but nothing a quick glance at a helpfile cant fix.

The combat system is unlike anything I have ever seen in a mud, it is
without a doubt the most robust ive ever seen, It's like playing a
fighting game on xbox, but with 26 buttons instead of 4 with a
different set of techniques, attacks, and combos for each weapon,
style and class.

Now on to the Talents; Talents are the 'Skills' of Godwars, you
gain a talent slot by reaching a certain pinnacle such as mastering
6/8/10 weapon styles. There are over 100 talents each ridiculously
well thought out. Each having certain requiring its own
stats/style/weapon requirement.

Classes. Now classes are split up into different categories.
Revanants being the undead brought back to life, ie. Vampires.
Lycanthropes or werebeasts, ie. Werewolves. Illuminati or the
magically gifted, ie. Mage. And finally there is the Nephilim or the
beings that never had a human form to start with, ie. Demons. All the
classes are fairly balanced, but as always are being worked on
constantly to maintain balance. The world is huge and easy to
navigate, the equipment system is based on random drops from powerful

It's hard to say anything bad about this mud. It's always evolving,
there is always something to master, be it your strategy or your
character itself. Players are very friendly and very helpful, and for
the most part literate and comptetent. All players from the start have
their own realm where they can go to heal, or repair their armour in
peace, each with their own storage 'warehouses'. Well I tried to put
a conclusion on this but there just isn't an end to what I can
complement its just an excellent game and you should try it.

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