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TMC Player Reviews: God Wars II

Review Submitted By: Shin
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: April
Submission Date: Apr 12, 2004
TMC Listing: God Wars II

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Gladiator Pits III is a pure PK mud, designed to test player skill in
terms of both pre-battle preparation and on-the-spot reflexes, as
well as the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. There is no
character advancement - every character is on equal footing - and so
it is purely a test of player ingenuity.

The basic concept is fairly straightforward, although the mud may
take some getting used to for those not already familiar with
Gladiator Pits II. Context-sensitive hints and informative helpfiles
are available, and most players should find themselves ready for
their first fight within a few minutes of connecting.

Knowing how to fight however, is a long way from mastering combat.
With 25 fighting styles and well over 500 fighting techniques, there
is no lack of things to learn. Dozens of different weapons and pieces
of armour are available, each with their own advantages and
disadvantages. Eight different stats indicate the strengths and
weaknesses of each gladiator, but it's up to the player to decide the
allocation of those stats.

The mud also uses a coordinate-based system, which allows players a
great deal of flexibility in terms of movement. The same system also
handles weapon lengths and missile ranges in combat.

The combat system itself is non-automated, and is geared more towards
the fantastic than the realistic, drawing inspiration from anime
along with movies like 'The Matrix' and 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden
Dragon'. Each gladiator has three fighting locations which need to be
combined in order to fight effectively - 'left hand', 'right hand',
and 'feet' (which also represents overall body posture). Each
location has its own set of commands and techniques, depending on the
weapon and fighting style used.

With such a trully awing and thought-provoking combat system, pk is
fast paced against the training mobs and even more so against
fellow players! Come join the battles! Will you be the victor or the

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