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« on: August 12, 2018, 4:26 PM »
Hi all,

Just wanted to send out a reminder / notice about our recent-ish launch of

As it's name implies, the site is based around listing MUDs and information about it.  The listings have a large number of fields, near all of them optional, as well as including media such as screenshots, logos, even videos.  There is the ability to search and list MUDs by a great number of fields.  For example, only Forgotten Realms themed MUDs, or screen reader friendly ones, or ones with a certain player base (note we don't enforce the correctness of these fields).  It also has an excellent review system, with the ability to rate MUDs on various fields in addition to leaving a comment.  Reviews can be commented on as well as voted as useful or not by readers.

Perhaps our most universally useful feature is the multi-forum aggregator.  This pulls recent posts from several major MUD sites, including,,, and Reddit /r/MUD/.  Unfortunately it does not list as of now due to their custom forum software (best would be an RSS feed if anyone there is looking :) ).  You can see an abridged listing on the web site home page, and the full feed here:

We also have an events calendar that displays on the front page as well, so prospective players can see what's going on on your MUD. There is a chat bar to chat with fellow MUDders, a file hosting section, and other nice goodies as well. Future plans include adding type functionality.

If you're a MUD owner, go on and list your site with us.  You may need to claim the listing, as I manually added the top 200 MUDs on TMC at the time when I was building the site.  if you're a player, hop on and review your favorite MUD(s).

The service is completely free of charge.  We also offer complimentary banner ads as well.

Check us out at

Hope to see you soon!

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