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Author Topic: (screens)Fresh pvp DoorMUD realm open on Insane Asylum BBS! Daily active players  (Read 894 times)


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Hey everyone. I thought id post this here. I'm looking for more players who enjoy a casual grind BBS door game called DoorMud its alot like a MUD and daily players, its a PVP realm and a new realm so alot of the limited items are still availabile. My mage is coming along quite nicely and i got some good pvp spells like slow and lightning bolt! almost level 12 then i can goto the new area. Id love to see some more people join i'm plannin on hosting a pvp event this summer.

To connect to the BBS you need am ANSI capable telnet client. there is a good one called NETRUNNER which you can DOWNLOAD for all OSes. On the download page make sure to scroll down past the first program available called MysticBBS and go down to NETRUNNER. Once you install bring up your phone book and then add the telnet address to the phonebook and sign up! In net runner ALT-Z brings up the help menu.

Insane Asylum BBS telnet

thats on port 28.