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Imperium Mud - Reflections
« on: May 19, 2018, 8:50 AM »
So, I was bored with my main mud, Darkover, and decided to check something else out. I stumbled across this mud called Imperium and gave it a go. First, they allow multiplay up to three characters at a time, so I went with a fighter and a druid.

1. This is one of those muds that probably emphasized roleplaying in the 1990s. This is all fine and dandy when you have 50 teenage players, but we are far removed from those times. Most muds have a handful of players, so emphasizing roleplaying is a bad, bad idea in my opinion. How does this mud do that you ask? Well, first, you cannot see important stats on your score, such as hitroll, damroll, armor, etc.. You see things like well armored and such. I know, some muds do this to a certain level and then you can see the numbers. Not this one. You will never see those numbers, which is incredibly annoying. That includes HITPOINTS! Yes, you cannot see how many hit points you have and in battle you just get updates like, gashed, serious wounds, etc. Oh, did I mention you never see how much exp you get for killing anything? Yea, you only see a message like 'you feel hopeless about leveling' or whatever. So you have to moderately guesstimate about how much exp you are actually getting. It doesn't matter anyway because you can't see how much exp you need to level. You only see messages like, greater proficiency, mastery, etc. You also never see the names, levels, or classes of any other players unless they introduce themselves (more on that later).

2. At level 5 you MUST write a description for your character and get it approved before continuing. It is not a huge deal, but yet again, moderately annoying.

3. I don't like muds with a zillion choices, like 500 class and race combinations, that is why I started playing this one, but I quickly realized it was pretty limited. Not a ton of options (around 13 classes) and some of the options are moderately weird. For instance you have three mage type classes, mage, warlock, summoner. You have a fighter, barbarian, monk. I have not played far enough to really know how much different any of these classes really are. And speaking of that, there are only 30 levels and NO remort options. Now, to be fair, the leveling is decently difficult since the eq is level based. I put in a good couple weeks and I am at level 8.

4. So not a ton of options and annoying but maybe the other players are cool, right? Well, maybe I am in a different time zone and a lot of people log on after me, later in the night. So far, I have seen 1 god in two weeks and about 6 other players. On the other hand, I don't know if they are the same 6 or different players because I can't see their names (super fun and mysterious right?). Only one of those players went out of their way to even talk to me and give me a couple of items. Don't get me wrong. I don't want someone to run over to me and gear me up. But muds are supposed to be social. So if a newbie logs in to my old mud everyone immediately talks to them, asks them if they need help, etc. I have been on this mud for an hour with some other players and not once did that person even gossip out a 'hey what up!'.

5. Let's talk about the spell system. There is no mana. Yes, I said that. I have rarely if ever seen a mud with no mana for spellcasters. Instead, you get memory slots based on level. I have no idea how you get more or less memory slots, maybe int, no idea. I have seen memory systems before but they were always combined with mana systems. In this mud, you are completely limited to your spell slots. After you cast those spells in battle you are useless and then need to memorize again. And memory is decently slow, there is no way to flee, memorize, and reenter the battle. Apparently, you memorize faster if you have a higher int (oh wait, you can't see your int, remember?). That means I can't even wear eq, look at score to see if int goes up, and then decide what eq is good for int. I have NO WAY of knowing int UNTIL I get an identify wand or the spell identify, and I don't have either yet. Oh, I am not done yet. You cast a spell by typing the spell name without ' and you have to use - to connect the spell words. Example, cast magical-stone knight. No quotations are fine but using a hyphen? That is just cumbersome and is hard to type fast. I know, make an alias, but it is still a super lame way to make a spell casting system when it is different then all casting systems I have ever seen before. Also, as a level 8 druid, out of 30 levels, I really have no spells that I could consider good. The cure spell is weak and pathetic, I have 2 attack spells that are not great, and 2 buff spells that, yet again, are not good. I know spellcasters are usually weak at lower levels on all muds but not this weak. Plus, when you lose concentration on a spell 1 time, it is out of your memory and must be memorized again. Usually, on most muds, you can lose concentration a few times at least before the spell is gone. An older player said he never travelled without his druid because he was useful for 'refresh'. My jaw dropped to the floor. Really? Your maxed out druid is useful for refresh, which gives movement points? That is why you keep him around? On almost any other mud everyone is flying with magical items at max level and your druid is dealing awesome damage with creeping death or insect plague or something.

6. Ok, well the zones must be original and great right? Well, I can't comment too much, because I have only seen the main town and the surroundings. According to the map there might be some good zones out there. On the other hand, one of the zones on the map is called 'Soul Asylum'. I wonder if it is named after that crappy 90s band, if not, it is a mysterious coincidence. I can see some teenager writing a zone and thinking it is cool to name it after their favorite band. The town is fine, it is original, but nothing special. One thing I find annoying is that one of the first newbie zones outside of the town is a lame circus that I have seen on other muds. It is one of those zones that is supposed to be fantasy but the people have stupid names that sound nothing like fantasy and some of the items don't seem fantasy related. Have you ever logged into a mud and the first person to talk to you is named Chuck? That is normally when any sane person quits the mud and finds another one. On top of that the descriptions are short and seem to be written by a 15 year old, which they probably were. In this day and age, there is no excuse for a zone like that. If your mud has been around for 30 years those zones should have been purged and replaced by high quality newbie zones. To be fair, there is a 'garden' zone in town for newbies that is decent, but yet again, nothing special. It is fantasy related but moderately generic, there are some gardeners, some ladies, a ranger, blah blah blah.

7. Anyway, I think that is it for me. I am moving on to something else. Goodbye Imperium, and good luck.
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Re: Imperium Mud - Reflections
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2018, 12:48 PM »
I'm sorry to hear that you bought a ticket for a runaway train.  Heh.  Heheheh.

I've run across a couple of those old RPEs that claim to have been online since fire was the big new product on the market, only to discover they're literally just the old MUD they claim to be... stolen and put back online 5-10 years after they originally shut down, and whoever stole the codebase never had any legit affiliation with the original creators/admins.  Abusive Imms who seem to be totally juvenile or moderately retarded, don't know the difference between IC and OOC while running an RP MU, and extremely buggy code and outdated documentation tends to be the order of the day with those joints. 

I hope you find a decent spot.
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Re: Imperium Mud - Reflections
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2018, 2:00 PM »
Interesting, there's an Imperium and Imperian MUD out there. I was confused at first until I did some searching on the listing. Maybe I would suggest playing the other Imperian? Stay clear of MUDs that are diku though, most are trying way too hard to be 90's cool(annoying) and have no clue what it takes to keep a playerbase happy. I would suggest trying out the more advanced versions of diku like circle, smaug, rom and rot. Or just move on to a custom codebase MUD instead of dealing with the boring stock rabble. Too many old MUDs are there to torture any potential players with out-dated systems and nearly abusive code that requires silly tasks for simple actions.
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Re: Imperium Mud - Reflections
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2018, 5:42 PM »
Almost sounds like you were describing Wheel of Time mud there.  Who needs equipment stats when you can just guess how much damage a sword does based on how fast the mob dies?  Ugh.


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Re: Imperium Mud - Reflections
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2018, 6:30 PM »
Yeah, but Soul Asylum rocks though