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Author Topic: CoffeeMUD is looking for more players  (Read 2876 times)


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CoffeeMUD is looking for more players
« on: May 02, 2018, 11:08 AM »
CoffeeMUD is the official MUD of the CoffeeMUD codebase, located at port 2323.  We have been live since 2001, and are always improving the codebase.  If you like a huge world, with lots of complex interactions, then CoffeeMUD may be the place for you!  Our playerbase is somewhat small (average online is around 3 for the entire day, peak connects in the low teens), but we are very welcoming. 

We have 8 base classes with a total of 44 subclasses to chose from and 20 playable races.  Players can quest to level 91, and chose to multiclass within their base class as desired (each change requires 1 TRAIN).  There are thousands of abilities to chose from, and hundreds of expertises to improve the efficiency of those abilities.  Our most recent class, the Scholar is a commoner subclass that gains experience primarily by writing and teaching.

CoffeeMUD has a dynamic quest system, as well as scripted quests.  We run monthly competitions led by Archons (admins), including a weekly level 15 Player-vs-Player competition, monthly TOP SCORE rewards, and the month of May is an Early Remort month, where characters may remort upon level 31 (instead of the usual level 61 requirement). We have an ever-expanding crafting system.

Other CoffeeMUD features include:
*Hundreds of unique areas and hundreds of imported/modified areas
*Instanced areas including the ability to planar travel
*Clan system with clan perks and clan trophies for top performing clans
*Conquest system, whereby clans can take control of an area (most cities may not be CONQUERED, to provide players with a safe base of operations)
*Title system
*Achievement system that provides bonuses, titles, and other rewards for certain actions
*Account-based system allowing you to have 50 characters per account.  Some of the achievements are personal achievements, some provide account-wide bonuses.
*Personal and Clan property system, including large sailing ships
*Ship to ship combat
*Set Deities, and bonuses from worshipping them

So, if you are interested in exploring a new world, come on by.  If you would like more information, visit our wiki at



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Re: CoffeeMUD is looking for more players
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 1:22 PM »
Our family is growing!  This past month, our average online has increased to double digits (This week's average online is 10.6).  Come join the fun.  We have multiple competitions running right now, as well:
   Weekly level 15 Player-Kill rewards.
   Monthly rewards for appearing on one of the TOP 10 lists (use TOP command to see current statuses).
   Early REMORT (at level 31 instead of the normal 61) until the end of May.
   A butchering skill competition that ends June 9th.  Get rewards for participation as well as top 3 will get additional bonuses.
Come join the fun!  CoffeeMUD has something to offer every gamer, whether you are the hack-and-slash type, the spell-chucker, the miscreant, the crafter, the explorer or even the writing type!  Lots of different ways to earn experience, some of which are class-dependant.