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Avalon Echo: Updates in 2018
« on: March 12, 2018, 7:48 PM »
Greetings, all! There have been a lot of developments happening in Avalon the past few months, and this is an attempt to summarise it all. Be warned: it is quite lengthy due to the amount of new content.

The 30th Anniversary approacheth

With the approach in October of the big Three-Oh, we have a series of events planned, for which the Battlesands before Christmas was a taster. One more Battlesands will precede the first Gem quest in two years and from then on a consistent stream of them which we expect to run throughout the year.

Warfare returns

On the 1st of Paglost 1444 (just before midnight GMT on Saturday, 27th January 2018), warfare returned to the land in a revised, much-improved form after two years of peace. Thousands of men died in the space of six real days (the campaign season) and all cities had a glowing view of the system working so smoothly.

The most detailed, careful effort was put into making warfare smoother, less stressful, more strategic, and thoroughly balanced. There should be no more panic and no easy way to cheat the system (e.g. raids early in the morning if the opposition is absent).

New Crafting Skills

The new crafting skills were prepped and released after New Year's.

They are the following:

Crafting: the creation of permanent or long-lifespan items that are used for enchantment or music: instruments and jewellery

Industry: the creation of tools (hammer, saw, nails, etc) and essential equipment (backpacks, pouches, belts)

Haberdashery: the creation of clothing (shirts, codpieces, whatever) and costumes (plumes, halos)

Carpentry: the creation of large installations (augers, ploughs, wagons, furniture)

These skills replace Labours crafting, which was a long-term stand-in. You will have to learn the crafting skills to CRAFT. State ministry and Crowned Labours will no longer be able to craft whatever they please. This is an important step to legitimise crafting as part of Avalon life and community.

MASTERCRAFTMEN (the deed of reaching all crafting skills, Farming, and Labours at Crowned Ultimate) will be able to submit templates by an automated system of approval, for consideration by the upper pantheon.

CURRENCY and trinkets

Purchased crowns will be transferable using TRANSFER, officially, and have optional notation you can read back in TRANSFERRED for senders/recipients to know how and why they moved their purchased crowns. Subscription crowns will also be nontransferrable crowns just as chapter rewards. Paid crowns (as in purchased directly) will always remain transferrable for use as presents.

Every trinket now has a permanent price and most have a monthly price. Monthly prices are under 300 crowns. Permanence means the artefact is kept for the lifetime of that character.

For the coming of Spring, we have an offer on procurement of 4 lessons per crown until the end of March. Check the new HELP PROCURE.

Update on Novicehood and Returnees

The first returnee chapter is in, with a refresher of all the key commands a mortal will need, and the novicehood chapters up to the first six LW chapters (i.e. the first 10 chapters of a novice from newborn to badge-prized MW) are fully tuned and producing lovely kiddies.

We want all seniors to know that BADGE has changed significantly. You can only badge a novice if their next unfinished task is one of the badge tasks. You can badge multiple times in succession, provided it is next.

We have seen a seismic change in our quality of new players, despite Christmas as a slow period. There is more curiosity and readiness to leap into the fray, no pacifists, and a high number of trial and error situations that denote engagement with all five meta of Avalon.

Economy Rebalanced

Every commodity in the realm was re-proportioned to sqrt(old value) x 8, or halved, whichever reduced more. The imbalance between the cities is now gone. Seasons are functional as are the fields, farming, and labours on which commodity production depends.

Skill Sessions Begin!

We began this Saturday, 10th March 2018, to finalise the way professions will interact for years to come. The focus is on a competitive, challenging dynamic without sacrificing any profession's strengths.

All seniors invested in their professions should be progressing their specialisations and preparing themselves to report on what most ails their profession.

First come, first serve. Priority will be given to those most engaged in the process of reconstructing reproducible problems and providing detailed evidence of imbalance or error.

Be precise, quote text, prepare a shortlist, and focus on a few abilities or issues before moving on to the next set.

Chapters for everyone

REMEMBER is now the go-to command for listing all of your possible chapters, relevant also to middling and senior mortals. You can have up to 3-4 chapters active at any given time, one of each type:

LEGEND: difficult, ambitious tasks in a chosen area BADGES: (LW only) a badge for each aspect of Avalon, change badge at whim HONOURS: guild and profession objectives/guidance MASTERCLASS: focus on one area of a single meta (e.g. Trenches in Warfare).

Guildmasters and city leaders are encouraged to post in their requests, feedback, and their own task submissions.

We will continue to expand the chapters, with curated content and detailed lessons in every aspect of Avalon, right up to HI-SENIOR standing, until such a time as the Masterclasses and Honours are replete with excellent advice and encouragement to bring out the best of Avalon's latent potential.


We are considering a clean and reader-friendly way of viewing UPDATES and PUPDATES with searching and tags like ALIAS, but until then, keep a keen eye on the latest changes. We highly recommend everyone to pay attention to the bolded and highlighted lines. There is much in there not covered in this summary.