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Author Topic: Looking for a cartographer, willing to pay $$/crypto for the work.  (Read 884 times)


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I've written a mudlib (C++ driver with a lua compiler) from scratch which I described in other posts (see my profile).  Its an LPC-like driver. The mudlib was made to support a mud I am building called 'Septem' which is an ambitious project with features that I haven't seen or were only on a pay-for-play mud (e.g., Dragonrealms).  If you played Dragonrealms you will have a feel for the command mechanics and complexity.  In any event, the theme is medieval and world is a relatively 'dark' world. 

Over the weekend I started mapping the 'starter' town for the mud after many months of working on game mechanics such as biomes with distinct weather/seasonal patterns, npcs, and many other 'core' features.  I realized, after spending about two hours mapping out part of the starting town (currently named Lannes Port) that I simply lack the creativity to dream up street names, buildings, etc.

So, I am looking for a cartographer to help me put together maps starting with Lannes Port.  From there, perhaps we can collaborate on travel routes between towns, hunting areas, etc.  I don't need an artist's rendition of the towns, just simple grid-based maps.  At some point it may be nice to beautify the maps for publication, but not now.

I'd like to offer $$ or crypto at a going rate for this type of work.   If you PM me, include a per-hour fee you think is acceptable.   Thanks!