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Author Topic: Star Wars - Return of the Sith - Reborn [February 21, 2018] - Come Play!!  (Read 913 times)


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 :) Re compiled and modded with EASTER EGGS!

Original Gameplay but with more advanced weapons to choose/create from.

I do hope to see more players and builders active on SWROTS.
Its time to unleash the force within us all! ( In text form that is :P )

The Force is very rare in the Star Wars Universe,
so to keep in reality, we have set it up so only 1 in
around 50 characters actually has the Force. If
you are Force capable , you will find out by training
the meditate skill at luck and after much practice
you may become tunned to the Force.


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So, one rather significant problem right out the gate is that I created a Miraluka character (unsure if the species mattered) and was completely incapable of understanding anything that the tutorial NPC's spoke. At all.

I also couldn't change the language I was speaking using the provided syntax in the help files. And Speak without anything else returned that I could not speak... Lekku, due to lacking the required body parts.

Skills learning has a serious issue in that when I was trying to learn force skills, you cannot specify two word skills to learn. So I cannot learn Heal Self because fskills learn heal # just automatically defaults to heal others (despite the fact that heal others isn't even on my list of force skills I can learn)

Given the two skill systems work the same way, I assume learning normal skills has a similar issue though I could be wrong there.

Essentially I'm finding this a bit unplayable in the current state it is in, honestly. Apologies, but you really really need to spend a bit more time on basic bugtesting and playability in my opinion given this is just what I found in about 5 minutes.