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Author Topic: Realm of Mysteria is back online.  (Read 766 times)


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Realm of Mysteria is back online.
« on: March 13, 2018, 10:42 PM »
Realm of Mysteria is a VME (Valhalla Mud Engine) style mud. The most advanced MUD on the net, from the programmers who created the original DIKU MUD and now maintained by Whistler. 50 levels of tough mortal adventures! Nine different guilds, with even more coming in the future. A built-in system of law and order, with an arena for harmless Player Killing. A fully automated "Newbie Guide", for those completely new to MUDs, or just wanting a little bit of a helping hand to start. Different denominations of currency, each with a noticeable weight. All your old favorite zones (like Tiamat) along with many brand new ones! Hundreds of interactive quests. Players can Form clans and have clan halls and storage for the clan members as long with personal storage Monthly and Yearly Experience competition or port 3000