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Author Topic: Builders wanted for SMAUG based mud  (Read 435 times)

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Builders wanted for SMAUG based mud
« on: March 23, 2018, 2:44 AM »
Have a keen eye for detail?
Want to create something unique?
Tired of the standard D&D style games?

technical details...  It is a SmaugFUSS base coded in C.  There is no coding experience needed to build and building is OLC.   So far I have recruited 2 builders, a help file maker, and myself (of course) so our team is at 4 immortals now.   The initial areas are set out for the picking and more areas on the way.  Builders have creative freedom to create their own lore within the area.

I am looking for talent to bring their imagination to life in a world created by yours truly. Several Immortal spots open:

Co-Coder - Basically someone to complement myself where I lack and bounce ideas off of.  I do 99.9% of the coding.

Head Builder - Ensuring Builders are complying with set guidelines

Co-head builder - Someone who can assist and train new builders on a SMAUG platform

Builders - Those that wish to create unique environments for players

Administrators - Those that help set and enforce rules of the mud to keep it fair and friendly

Questmaster - Someone who has great imagination and is willing to actively run quests

Clan council - (as the player base grows, this position will need to be filled_)  Clan council is responsible for setting up clans and halls for players.

Engineer - Someone who is willing to have a hand in every aspect of the game to ensure smooth gameplay and growth.  Would edit/create skills/spells, adjust economies, adjust zone difficulties as needed.

Maintenance -  Someone who is willing to go through installed areas and look for things such as programs not working, invalid sector types, typos, and basically anything that is not outputting as intended.

Main focus is getting the building positions filled first.  If interested, send me a message or join the game's discord
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