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Author Topic: ZombieMUD LPMUD and FUN incarnate  (Read 562 times)


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ZombieMUD LPMUD and FUN incarnate
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:18 AM »
Hello, I am here to advertise and promote one of my favorite lpmuds to this day. We have 41 unique races, 16 guilds that are unique in both playstyle even advanced races that can be created from a human or elf, ala mindflayer and vampire. We even have a seraph race, as in good incarnate go evil and you get smote harder than you can imagine. Here is a list of features, just give it a try, tell 'em rugaros sent ya. I may be returning here, but I want others to try this to. Now for the features.

- ZombieMUD was first opened to the public in the summer of 1994 by its two founding fathers, Leper and Belabour, who still run the game today almost two decades later.

- ZombieMUD is an all original world. Each guild and race has been hand crafted and balanced off eachother.

- At any given time of the day, there should be well over one hundred fellow players on-line to interact with. The primary language of the game is English.

- There are 16 completely different guilds to play, most of which offer a mastery system for specialized play. Each guild on ZombieMUD has from two to six subguilds which offer the freedom to choose exactly how you wish to develop your character. We also offer level Class guilds (Traders & Navigators) to help you expand your talents further. Multi-Classing is also allowed. (IE: You can be a Mage-Fighter if you so choose.)

- ZombieMUD hosts over 40 Races, each adept in their own area of gameplay.

- Each original in its own right, Zombie offers 1,000+ skills and spells to be learned in the various guildhalls of the realm.

- The land is vast, with an outworld of over a million rooms, and 15,000+ Hand-crafted rooms. Exploration of the world expands in all directions, including flying through the skies and swimming deep beneath the ocean's waves.

- When playing the game, you will find that the 9 Member Party system becomes an integral part of ZombieMUD life. Through parties, you team your skills with the skills of other players to bring down foes of legendary size and strength.

- Equipment is saveable over reboots in lockers or chests. You may also build, personalize, and secure your own permanent castle.

- Over 200 Level Quests are available to reduce level costs.

- ZombieMUD's Reincarnation system allows your to try out every character combination you wish, without having to re-earn all your experience.

- Player Killing is allowed within reason, and there is also a PK Clan System.

- An automated Event system runs random activities in the game throughout the day.

- ZombieMUD has an Apprenticeship system for those players new to the game, and many high ranking players are more than happy to take dedicated people on as an apprentice.

- There are several dozen languages to be learned.

- ZombieMUD's Pantheon of Deities oftentimes favours those who worship regularly.

- A system of binding equipment exists, though its details are shrouded within the mystery of the Sorcerers of the realm.

- Our internal triggering system known as chaining can be used along with various player defined commands and aliases to customize your play.

- An extensive channel system exists on the game, keeping you in touch with your guild members and party mates. Private channels may be created at any time and permanant private channels are buyable.

- Zombiemud is connected via InterMUD to Bat, hcBat, Sumu, Icesus, Chaos, and Delphine for all your chatting needs.

- To brighten up your day, ANSI colour is of course supported by the game.

- Backups of the game are taken every day, so your equipment and character are safe.

- Zombie is maintained by a dedicated group of actively coding Wizards, most of whom were once players themselves, who are constantly adding and repairing features within ZombieMUD to keep the game well balanced and interesting.

- ZombieMUD is a Non-Profit organization, unaffiliated with any corporation. We do this for FUN!

As quoted from the website for ZombieMUD.

Please, give us a try, We will welcome you and your friends with open arms. port 23


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Re: ZombieMUD LPMUD and FUN incarnate
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 3:23 AM »
As someone not familiar with LP muds, no equipment saves means every time you log in you are naked and have to look for equipment in your lockers?  Every time you log out, you disrobe and dump it all in a locker?


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Re: ZombieMUD LPMUD and FUN incarnate
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2018, 4:49 PM »
Apologies on the late reply, You can save your gear via the crash recovery system and being linkdead. However a locker is more... well tbh reliable. The game does save your gear daily, and I can attest to the fact that my character has the axes he had last night today.. Also chests renting is... hmm, well tbh there are 50 people online, 20 are going to have a castle at all times, you won't be want for dosh either, you will earn money. Anyway, thanks for bringing up man!