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Author Topic: The Future of Moderation at The MUD Connector  (Read 2842 times)


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The Future of Moderation at The MUD Connector
« on: February 01, 2018, 10:52 PM »
We would like to announce some changes and open discussion to the community with regards to the future of moderation on the TMC forums.

First we would like to thank Kuros, Tathry, and Kinead for their service and contribution.  The TMC Community Management team will be moving forward without them in an effort to have a more present and active management team.

On that note, we are happy to announce the addition of Tijer and Zandy to the community management team!

Effectively, we are looking at this as a reintroduction of moderation to the community, providing a clean slate to all members of the forum and hoping to have a bit of a reset all around with regards to the overall atmosphere and attitudes, and how things proceed moving forward.  All "strikes" or "infractions" or whatever you want to call it are wiped clean.  Moving forward everyone is on equal footing and nothing with regards to previous infractions, behavior, or violation of the rules will be taken into consideration with regards to how the community managers interact with them.  The one active ban in place will be lifted and any "warnings" in effect are cleared as well.

We understand that certain members of the community may have felt targeted in the past, or that they received a disproportionate amount of moderation compared to other members and this may have contributed to some of the atmosphere of antagonization that has existed for a time.  We hope that a clean slate across the board will translate into a reset of attitudes all around, that moving forward the atmosphere can be less antagonizing and that the tone of the community all around can be more collaborative than it may have been in the past.

And on that note we also wanted to revise to a degree how the community management team handles moderation duties.  Numerous members have voiced in the past that discussion has felt stifled or that they felt like they needed to walk on eggshells, and we are hoping to change that.  Namely giving more breathing room for discussion and debates (even to the point of allowing them to get heated), exercising thread splitting and moving, along with exercising suggestions in these threads to try to nudge users to remain on topic or avoid crossing a line with regards to flaming/trolling, and more actively trying to nudge members to use the personal messaging and ignore user features.  We hope to only have to step in any further only when posts or discussions have completely crossed over into flaming or outright insults, and even then would hope that just moving/locking those instances will be enough to allow the discussion to continue without having to stop the entire discussion or silence anyone in it.  Banning will be considered a last resort.

The rules and procedures listed in the TMC Forum Rules / Posting Policy section have been rewritten and clarified a little bit with a few minor additions but largely remain the same.  However, the application of the rules and management procedures will be much more lightly enforced than it has been previously.

Ultimately, we are servants of the community and are here to try to help make the community as healthy as we can and welcome feedback on this and the way we are hoping to move forward.

-TMC Community Management Team (Hades_Kane, Molly, Tijer, Zandy)
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