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Author Topic: Anethor - D&D On A Website!  (Read 2090 times)


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Anethor - D&D On A Website!
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:50 PM »
Hello again everyone. This time I'm introducing Anethor, the D&D style webgame!

Fight battles with monsters and other players, and win cash prizes for being the best of the best.

The features include:

An easy character creation system with 8 races and 8 classes.
A Builder system ready for players to take advantage of.
An alter system ready for players to alter their item names.
Hunting grounds made for up to level 18 so far.
An auto-combat system which intelligently chooses actions and targets.
A Help section for stats, skills, spells, and techs.
An easy inventory system with clickable links.
A pawnshop system capable of listing and selling almost every item in the game.
A messaging system allowing players to communicate with each other.
A gambling system called "the wheel of elements".
An easy-to-use status system showing your HP/PP and EXP/Level and Spells/Techs.
A top-ten system which tracks both monster kills and player kills.

Each race and each class have their own skills available. Players can combine physical with magical and use both by carefully choosing race and class.

Players lose 10% EXP and 50% Gold when they die. But you can bank your gold and lose none of it.

The auto-combat system intelligently chooses actions and targets based upon the chance of success and the target HP / status. If you're stronger in magic against a specific opponent, you will more often use magic attacks. If you are fighting two or more monsters, you are more likely to attack the monster with HP missing.

After beta testing I will begin a contest for Monster Kills. Please try it out and share your thoughts here or on my forums!