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Author Topic: New modern MUD framework with a PaaS hosting alternative  (Read 4535 times)


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New modern MUD framework with a PaaS hosting alternative
« on: December 16, 2017, 3:20 AM »
Would anyone be interested in using a new modern MUD framework/library to build their MUD with? Would it also be interesting with a simple hosting alternative (Platform as a Service, PaaS)? Of course you have to assume that the framework is great, and supports your user-cases.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm developing (which is a graphical mud), and is wondering if it would be worthwhile to extract the core engine to a framework and develop a PasS layer on-top of the current hosting.

What I'm thinking:
* Framework in C#/.NET Core (C# is a great language and runs on Linux as well), fully customizable.
* Include a web based client interface (basic version of Domdaria's UI, possibly only the terminal depending on what people want)
* Include a web based builder interface
* Scripting would be in C# (strongly typed and with auto completion)
* Hosting would be done via deployment of binaries/sources (via CLI command) and management via a web portal
* Hosting would include all basic features: storage, logging, custom domain name, pricing level management (CPU/memory), telemetry/statistics

To support this kind of development (full time development for a foreseeable future) I would like to charge around 10 USD per month, possibly including basic hosting, with additional costs for more server resources.

The way I'm thinking of this is that I give all the tools for someone to focus on their basic MUD/game idea, an alternative to all current codebases, with a modern approach. When replying to this post you have to assume I can pull this off feature/tech wise. I'm more interested in responses of the viability of the idea.