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Author Topic: Ancient Anguish: continuously recruiting through a quest system  (Read 2623 times)


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Ancient Anguish ( is an LPMUD that has been running
since 1992. Players select a class to specialize in, gain abilities and
weapon skills by playing the game, solve puzzles and participate in
quests, explore the realm or just live in the story.

We have an original high-fantasy storyline with humans, elves, orcs,
magic, shapeshifters, fickle gods and different political factions
struggling for dominance. Within the intertwined and consistent history
of the world, players can propose and implement new areas to bring their
story into the game. To ensure the quality of new additions to the game,
new developers undergo a mentoring program and their projects are
reviewed from the points of view of world compatibility, code quality,
game balance and overall excellence. The game has had over 130 major
contributors for its circa 350 projects in over 150 independent areas,
on two different major continents. Many of the volunteer developers have
learned programming through wanting to contribute their interactive
story into the game.

The scripting language that Ancient Anguish is developed in is known
as LPC, and resembles C in syntax and Python or Ruby in the way it is
interpreted on a higher level. Making basic interactive non-player
characters that can be talked with, given items to or gestured at is
straightforward by design, but the language has the expressivity to
allow for complicated behaviours as well, such as dragging out a
character trying to hide in mid-combat or advancing a storyline by
changing the non-player characters' reactions whenever the player does
something new.

For a starting game designer, the greatest benefit of developing for a
text-based game is that a great story combined with coding expertise
is enough: on one hand, graphical or animation artists are not needed
to bring the ideas to fruition, and on the other hand, like with
books, even minuscule gestures, faint sounds or mesmerizing smells can
be described rather than reproduced. Thanks to its maturity, the world
itself takes care of overall user interface and provides a vast number
of elements to reuse and combine into new ideas, such as growing your
own tomatoes for some awesome pizza or combining a master smith's
longsword with an enchantment to make it into a unique epic weapon.

Why start from scratch, when you can entertain an existing player base
and benefit from an existing community of developers with the same
goal as yours? Join us today!

--Fir, senior creator and local newspaper editor