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Author Topic: help with finding games for the Amazon Echo  (Read 890 times)


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help with finding games for the Amazon Echo
« on: November 09, 2017, 8:23 AM »
Hello all, long-time follower and lurker, first time poster.
I just got an echo day before yesterday and I remember seeing on here that there are a few interesting things for the Amazon Echo that are, because of the voice thing, accessible. I've got the following.
1. 20 question.
2. six swords
3. dungeon adventure (a bit of a dud in my opinion)
4. Sporkle trivia (just tried it and have no interest in playing it again.)
5. Jeopardy (good but only 12 questions per day)
6. the magic door so I can [wow] my little niece and nephew.
7.  Rogue's choice (also a bit of a dud)
8. earplay (good but with so little available right now, I've exhausted everything already and have to wait until they start rolling things out)

I've heard of the Wayne Investigation but I'm not interested, even though I like interactive fiction. (I'm a huge choiceofgames fan)
I was wondering if you guys had any other interesting games you might recommend. I'm into simulation games, RPGs (but only six swords has interested me at all so far on the echo) and interactive fiction (which earplay has been what has wowed me so far.) I like games that are more open-ended if they aren't IF and get updated often, even with just little things.
so if any of you have any ideas let me know. I also do NOT like sports games.
and even if the echo things are just entertaining and aren't just straight-up games, such as the "pick-up lines" chatbot thing, I'm good for that too.
Hope to be seeing a lot of all of you in the future.

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