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Auran Captain Market Simulator
« on: November 29, 2017, 8:22 PM »
Hello. I'd like to introduce Auran Captain.

Auran Captain is a text-based market simulator game that you can play over my website - there is no need for a telnet client.

Acquire procedurally generated planets, haul commodities for a profit, and fight space battles with your fleet.

I'm currently running the server for beta testing. If anyone would like to help out, or if anyone is just plain curious, then come on by and visit

You start with 100 billion in cash and you haul commodities until you have enough cash to buy a system. The player with the highest networth at the end of the allotted time period will be the winner. I plan to give out small cash prizes to encourage competition.

The server is run from my computer at home. It's written from scratch using c sharp. It interacts with the website using PHP/MySQL to transmit and receive commands. The website merely collects the commands for the server to process and returns the responses to the player. But doing it this way, there's no need for a telnet client and there's a nicer interface with a clickable menu. And over a website I could also throw in some graphics, if I can find an artist.