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Looking for MU*
« on: November 26, 2017, 10:26 AM »
I've made an account solely to make this post an see any replies I can get. I've read the rules, but if I've made any mistakes, please tell me.

I'm looking for a MU* to play. Here is what I'm looking for:
- I want to be able to play as a superhuman, monster, mech, or something else along these lines.
- I want it to have a balanced and unambiguous combat system. I'm okay with a complex combat system, but I'd want to have all the exact rules available, rather than a descriptor saying "X deals a high amount of damage"
- I want to have a large amount of options available in chargen. I'd prefer a freeform point-based system over a race/class system. I'd far prefer either of those to a 'describe what your character is like'. I'd also want to be able to play with alts, to explore all these different options.
- I'm hoping for a MU* where donators are not able to obtain any advantage over any of the other players.
- I'm hoping for no grinding. Specifically, I would rather not be forced to obtain equipment though drops or crafting. I'd rather have them be purchased with points or in-game currency.
- I'd prefer not RP-enforced, if that is available.
- If there is character advancement, then I'm hoping any way advancement can be taken away from a player (eg. death) is consensual.
- I'm hoping for a reasonably sized and active community. At least a few people online for a few hours daily.
- I'm hoping for player-player interaction involving the combat system. Either against each other, or as a team against a common enemy, or both.

It's a lot of criteria I've put out, and I don't expect to find a MU* which satisfies all of them. I'm just looking to see if anyone has suggestions that satisfy most.


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Re: Looking for MU*
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2017, 10:03 AM »
Since nobody else has risen to the bait yet, I am going to blow the horn for my own Mud, and suggest that you try out 4Dimensions.
We do have almost everything you ask for, with just a few exceptions, and since it is easier to adress these than just confirming all the rest, I am going to restrict my response to those:

I'm not sure if any of our races respond to "superhuman, monster or mech". I suppose Centaur or Spacewolf would be the closest we get.

I think you'd have a hard time finding any Mud that doesn't have any form of "grinding", (except possibly a RP enforced game, where you get rewarded for roleplaying, but you specifically said that you didn't want that). The best equipment in 4D is usually obtained by questing, meaning that you'd rely more on brain than brawn. In addition we offer Trading as an alternative to killing mobs for advancement. (Meaning that you'll have to find and collect naturral assets, some of them easy, others rare or otherwise hard to get, and then sell them to special Trader Mobs). The reward, TradePoints, can be converted to exp points, and I've seen ardent traders sit in the safety of Recall Point, and advance 50 levels in 10 seconds, by just converting their TP.

8 and 9.   
This might be a stumbling point. Like many Muds of today we struggle with a waning player base, mainly because there is little "fresh blood" coming in to the Text Mud Community in general. We seem to be all competing for the same, steadily sinking number of overwintered Text enthusiasts.
In 4D we still have a base of oldtimers, who visit daily, but mostly just to say hello and chat a bit. They rarely stay on line long ago to raise the boot time high, which presently peaks at a measly 9-10 players on line simultaneously.

It takes something special, like a new zone, a new feature or an event of some kind to make them go really active again, and usually just long enough to check it out. But they do like showing off, and we do have PlayerKilling, although it is optional. And a cocky new player, with the goal of going PK and challenging the best, might make them rise to a challenge. Just be prepared to get your ass kicked for a pretty long period, until you managed to collect that kick-ass gear for yourself...   :)

Molly O'Hara of 4 Dimensions Port 6000