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Author Topic: Shattered World - Let's jumpstart the userbase for this 27 year old MUD  (Read 604 times)


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Despite the lack of players, there are a lot of things about this game which make it truly great. Here are some reasons you should give Shattered World a try:

Fully explorable environment: Unlike most MUDs where you must follow very specific paths to/from certain areas, you are free to move whatever direction you want (in the wilderness) so long as your path is not blocked by a building or cliff face. You are equipped with the minimap, areamap, and worldmap commands to help find your way around. Just to clarify, in the wilderness, going 3e;n is exactly the same as going n;3e or 2e;n;e, etc... There is even an entire ocean and sky, meaning you can move in 3 dimensions.

Player run economy: There is a fixed amount of gold in the world and the players run the entire economy. Even mobs/NPCs use the player owned shops. Players can purchase property and use the construction office to create/demolish structures/buildings. Lords can even claim sections of the wilderness to create new cities and castles.

Player run legal system: citizens can propose and vote on new laws, magistrates can pass judgement on wrongdoers, and the constable enforces the law (setting bounties, seizing property, stripping people of citiznship, jailing, etc...)

Player run guilds: Instead of choosing a class when you create a character, you join guilds later on. You can leave guilds and join others, or even join multiple guilds at the same time (as long as the guild leaders have formed an alliance). Currently all the guild leader positions are available.

Unique quests: Most MUD quests are rather bland and repetitive. In Shattered World the quests are challenging, requiring you to use your intellect (literal puzzles and riddles) as well as encouraging exploration (I've been through this area several times and I never even noticed THAT).

Skills-based character advancement: Shattered World does not use the typical RPG mechanics where you accumulate experience and eventually level up, causing attributes and max hp/sp to increase. Instead, your attributes and max hp/sp remain mostly fixed. To become more powerful, you must advance your skills by using them (ie. sword/knife/axe/spear/etc.. mastery, dodge/defense, racial abilities, guild powers, etc...). Additionally, equipment plays a large role in your survivability.

Every MUD started with 0 players at one point. Let's treat this like a new MUD and see if we can get an active community. I have invested thousands of hours over the years and still have a lot left to uncover about the game. The world is huge. Please explore it with me. My timezone is PST and I will try to be on regularly to help any newcomers.

ps. A good race for new players is "draconian".