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Slice&Dice Dungeon
« on: November 08, 2017, 6:52 AM »
Combining the elements of provably fair online gambling and text-based multi-
user dungeons (MUDs), Slice&Dice Dungeon delivers a unique gaming experience for
everyone. The player takes a role of a wandering dungeon inhabitant who delves
into the cruel underground caverns with the primary goal of finding food and
shelter. Doing so requires them to gamble on the Byteball tokens and to get into
fights with other cave explorers as part of the endless struggle for survival.

This MUD expects you to deposit Byteball bytes to your account balance because it is a gambling MUD in a dungeon crawl wrapper. It means the MUD is 18+ and might not be legal in your country depending on your local laws. In order to make a new account you must first log in from your Byteball wallet device (see the instructions here). This MUD will not ask you to provide a password for your new account because we use your Byteball wallet for authentication. You can then share access to your SSH or telnet session from your Byteball wallet (see the attached screenshot). While we have telnet support we highly recommend you to use a SSH because telnet is obsolete, it is not encrypted and it should not be used. All MUDs that still use telnet are putting the privacy of their players at very high risk. We use an SSH proxy that turns SSH sessions into regular unencrypted TCP streams and privately forwards them to the actual MUD server.

We also have a browser based graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used in parallel with your normal text based client. The GUI currently only eases the gambling aspect of the game but in the future it will also include role-playing elements. A screenshot of the GUI is attached to this post.

Here's how to connect...

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