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Author Topic: Murder, Mayhem, and Trials  (Read 452 times)


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Murder, Mayhem, and Trials
« on: November 15, 2017, 11:47 AM »
If you haven't been to a trial for murder on Ateraan you are missing out. Lately there has been so much crime and murder on the game there has been a trial every Sunday evening.

PK (player killing) is allowed on the game but has strict roleplay rules and is nearly always handled via player controlled Justice. There is Kingdom Justice and Southland Militia Justice (by far harsher with less legality).

The last trial involved two murders one by a Warrior who killed a Rogue and the other by a High Priest who killed a Garrison
Soldier. This trial (like most) was covered by a new reporter to what is called the World News on Ateraan. An archaic scroll that all characters can purchase and read about numerous events. In this trial over 50 players attended with two defendants, two counsels (defense attorneys) and two prosecutors. The trial lasted about two hours (one to two hours is normal) with the Jury made up of the Council of Masters (9 Guild and other Leaders from the city of Gahlen).

Trials are just one of the large events dozens of players attend that occur regularly on the game (along with invasions, auctions, large caravans, masquerade balls, theatrial plays, among others). On Ateraan there are dozens of jobs for players to hire on to and a reporter is one of them so if you come on the game buy a news paper (costs 2 gold pieces) and read about some of these events or even get details on the trial that just happened.

If you haven't played the game go check out and join the hundreds who have, try not to get killed, and try harder not to kill somebody. But if you do, get a good counselor for your defense!

See you there!
New Worlds Ateraan