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Author Topic: nostalgia overload! hello!  (Read 583 times)


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nostalgia overload! hello!
« on: November 03, 2017, 3:31 AM »
       Just wanted to say a quick word. My name is Ryan, Im 34 and i cannot believe this website is still going after all these years! my first mud experience was when i was 14 in 1997 that i found on this very website. I played on several muds but my main one was one based in the Dragonlance world that was out of singapore. i made quite a bit of friends and played exclusively on it for nearly 2 years.(i had a half kender half pixie thief/cleric that i mained) i remember staying up all night on my father's computer for most of that time because back then the internet was dial up and no one would call my house and interrupt my connection at night. lol im sure some of you know what im talking about. i really wish i remembered the name of the mud but i was hooked.
      i was watching the new episode of Death of a Game : Shadowbane and nerdSlayer mentioned how the devs of Shadowbane ran MUDS, which then brought back forgotten memories which prompted me to google search and i found this. anyway after a few decades of playing mmo's here and there, including popular ones and ones that are dead now, i am getting the same feels as i did 20 years ago and im excited to see what i can find now in 2017. anyway id like to thank the community for keeping MUDS alive and will be around to enjoy them again. im kind of lost on where to begin now, so any suggestions would be awesome. thanks for reading!


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Re: nostalgia overload! hello!
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2017, 11:25 AM »
Hello Hierophantom!

Good to see you back around. I started text gaming a bit before you but do remember the old dial up knock off the line issues hahahaha. I'm sure there are many good games around you can play and I'll recommend a few depending on what you are looking for. If you are into intense roleplay please drop by New Worlds Ateraan for details. We call our game a TORG (Text Only Roleplaying Game) now adays but their are many varieties still alive for you.

Welcome back!
New Worlds Ateraan