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Looking for a casual MUx
« on: November 19, 2017, 6:15 PM »
Hi everybody.

I haven't played any MUx in a decade, and I find myself missing it. Unfortunately, the nature of my life that made me drop the MUx world-- job and time constraints-- are still very much in place. I went looking today, but it's hard to get a feel for the culture of MUx's as a guest. I am thus looking for a MUx that meets the following needs-

Casual play (Which for my purposes is defined as: you can find a scene that takes 1-3 hours, shorter poses of 5-10 sentences accepted, shorter descriptions (of 7-10 sentences) allowed/won't constrain play options. I'm happy with whatever length of those RP partners want to have, so long as they're okay with mine being potentially shorter then theirs.)
Allows furries, particularly fantastical ones
Is playable with limited activity (which sometimes means long pauses, weeks at a time)
is friendly/welcoming
is nonjudgemental in terms of attitude, overall. /doesn't have a lot of elitism or hierarchy.
preferably is adult-oriented, or has areas where that's cool.
newbie friendly
is reasonably active.
primarily RP based

IDK if such a MUx exists, but if it does, I would really appreciate someone directing me towards it!
Thanks for your time!
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