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Author Topic: DikuMUDs reaching Mud Year 1000  (Read 715 times)


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DikuMUDs reaching Mud Year 1000
« on: October 06, 2017, 5:33 PM »
SlothMUD recently ticked over to Mud Year 1000 on its in-game calendar a few days ago. It's a 0.0 Gamma Diku.
I am wondering, how many other muds out there are exactly at year 1000, are there a number of Diku's whose mud calendars aged in lock-step with each other counting from 1991-92 onwards?
Obviously many of the calendars would have been actively tampered with by now, for roleplay theme or other reasons.  But for the more pure hack and slash MUDs where the mud Year was less of a priority to even think about, I wonder if any have been ticking away un-modified.  I noticed JediMUD's (being the Circle prototype) is exactly at Mud Year 800, or pretty close, and wondered if the interval of 200 was a coincidence or not.

Thoughts, folks?
If there are actually several that are in synch, that might be cause for a celebration of sorts, I suppose.