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Stillborn Rises
« on: September 29, 2017, 7:10 AM »
Hi everyone. I've been working on a project named Stillborn for about two years (three by the time January hits) and it only recently entered the beta stages and RP began to be enforced at around the same time.

Stillborn attempts to be a lot of things and I never really found a word to easily describe it, but among the themes included are post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, Lovecraftian horror, and gothic fantasy. Scavengers struggling to find a non-irradiated shelter exist in the same world as low-technology villages burning heretics at the stake. It's probable you'll see a skeleton assimilated into the average population of a city district. The disconnections between such examples are furthered by religion, warfare, and the struggle to survive in either savage lands or concrete graveyards of society. Of course, with all of those factors comes the politics between varied examples. Stillborn also tries to keep magic on the downlow in a way that keeps magic as it should be -- a mysterious, little-known art, as opposed to being widespread such as in high-fantasy settings. You may see an undead corporate whore in one of (if not the only) more advanced metropolises but you won't see anyone throwing fire or lightning out of their fingertips.

The MOO takes a lot of design pointers from games such as Cataclysm: DDA, NEO Scavenger, the old school Fallout games, and Caves of Qud; all in order to provide a unique experience that puts a heavier focus on survival no matter what kind of environment and the closer consideration of the needs someone would have, from the most basic requirements such as hunger to extreme exertion of effort in attempting to remain above insane folks who've taken darker turns in life.

As stated above, Stillborn is a MOO. More specifically, it's HellCore based, so if you've played HellMOO or any of its derivatives before, you'll find a lot to be familiar. That also said, the world is 100% original and disconnected from HellMOO in every way, MANY of the changes to old core systems and creations of new core systems (as in, I can't remember a significant number of them) ensure that it remains a much different flow of gameplay.

RP is enforced, though in a way that encourages the integration of gameplay and roleplay. We don't require long emotes or poses out of players, so long as they respect the IC/OOC barrier, don't metagame, and maintain a clear separation between their character and themselves. This is so that those who simply want to play the game are able to and don't feel pressured into attempting to impress everyone.

Stillborn attempts to follow the same design philosophies of NetHack in that it's a cruel and abusive mistress, but one that teaches important lessons so that the same mistakes made that result in tragedy don't occur another time. Through this, even very simple tasks and victories are made more rewarding.

Stillborn contains themes and deals with topics that may be considered extremely disturbing or traumatizing. You must be 18 years or older to play Stillborn.

We have a web frontend set up that grabs help files and mailing lists/forum posts from the MOO itself. You can view it at

Stillborn is considered BETA. This is because I and the other admins aren't satisfied enough with the amount of content to label it a finished product. However, all core systems are fully functional and playable. AT this time there exists enough content to keep our current playerbase satisfied, and new stuff is made every day.

I hope to see you at Stillborn so i and the rest of the team can use your feedback to make it a better game.