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Come Join the Fun!
« on: September 28, 2017, 5:12 PM »
Hey all,

Looking for a new MUD to call home, or a game to add to those already on your list?  Come check us out on d20MUD: Star Wars. 

Whether you've never tried us before or it's been a while, it's a great time to take a look.  We have a solid core of active imms and players, and there's a large variety of things to do and ways to progress your character.

If you're into PvE we have 14 planets with zones from level 1-40, with quests, bounties, and level syncing code that let's you group with anyone.

If PvP is your thing, we have a system that rewards you whether you win or lose, with no loss of gear, so you can focus on the fight and not worry about getting set back as a result.

Space farers can enjoy a space combat system that boasts 55 different ship types with 40 pilot levels you can advance in separate from your combat classes.  Ships are able to have multiple rooms with custom descriptions, including placing your player house in your ship.  Ships can be upgraded with modules and schematics that enhance your ship.

Crafters can enjoy a system that allows you to create equipment for any wear slot with custom stats and descriptions. 

Role players can enjoy automated rewards that unlock special privileges for your account, such as advanced classes and races, and more.

Players who want to leave their mark on the game can create their own quests for anyone to play (talk to Gicker for access) as well as obtain a builder character on our build port.

We really do have something for everyone.  Come join us in a fun, friendly community with a game that just keeps getting better and better each year :)

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