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Author Topic: The New And Improved Dragonball: North Star is open for testing!  (Read 723 times)


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Hi Mudconnector! And to everybody who came by the mud in the last few months we've been operating: a double hi to you guys!

When we first launched, the last thing we wanted to end up being was just another Dragon Ball Saga clone. For some time, unfortunately, that's exactly what we were. We had some very chill players and some good times, but if you were looking for something a little different, we weren't the mud for you.

Until now.

I'm proud to announce some features I had been raving about forever are finally introduced to the game for testing, with a lot bringing up the rear. I taught myself to code C just to get them out faster, in fact!

Are you a player who is interested in a DBS-like Dragonball game that includes:

Practically infinite base stat training?
No longer suffer through only training your stats to 100. 100 is for weenies. First I doubled it. When that wasn't enough, I doubled it again. Then that wasn't enough, and I tripled it! I kept tripling it for while until I discovered things were way out of hand, so I settled on 500,000.

No "correct" way to train?
Build your stats how you want to build them. If you want to hang around all day and train up your intelligence by meditating like Piccolo, you can do that. Spend time in a gravity chamber and pump your constitution to the hills, building up your resistances, health, and healing. Punch children... er, mobs in the face all day and increase your strength and speed through live combat! You can do anything! Well, not anything. You can do most things. Mostly.

BIG transformations?
Base powerlevels stay low, but to keep that "show-like" feel, transformations have oomph just like the show! Hey, Goku said he was fifty times stronger as a Super Saiyajin in the show/manga, so it's 50x, baby!

Dynamic transformations?
Some transformations in the game aren't locked to a static powerlevel modifier, but are a reflection of your Ki Control, part of your intelligence. Even the basic powerup scales from this stat, letting you bring your powerlevel to new heights without even transforming! Want to train to see how high you can push this? You can do that, too, if you want.

Skills from stats, not from powerlevel?
This process is ongoing, but most transformations are gated behind hidden stats and conditions, rather than simply obtained because you punched enough mobs. Soon, all skills will function this way, with additional levels of mastery.

A more even playing field?
No one race gains an absolutely higher value of powerlevel than any other! Differences between races are instead expressed with favored stat training routes, so you can further tailor your playstyle to match a particular race! Considering training like Piccolo? Well, why not be a Namek or a Kaio, then? You might find peaceful training swings a little more to your favor.

We're actively looking for players who enjoy RP, and strongly encourage it! RP is never, ever mandatory, and any niceties acquired are mostly for bling or roleplay-only benefits.

We've got 'em!

So stop on by and help us test! Things are rough around the edges, balancing is ongoing, and all suggestions and ideas are taken to heart. Many of the things I work on personally are a result of speaking to our players and getting all touchy-feely with thoughts and ideas. Nothing scandalous, I assure you.

Play with us at: 4000 !

A very important note for fans of Androids of all types and Demons: they are currently unsupported pending a total redesign to mesh with our latest changes. I must apologize, but our official race roster consists of Saiyans, Halfbreeds, Humans, Nameks, Icers, and Kaios.


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Re: The New And Improved Dragonball: North Star is open for testing!
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2017, 6:08 AM »
This MUD has been a fun trip so far. Both of the coders have been very active and adding updates daily. It still feels like it is in a very early testing stage but is starting to shape into something different. A lot of stuff behind the scenes to make the mud more stable, and no more logouts or idle timers. Connect forever!

The powerlevel gains has been modified to feel much more like the powerlevels leading up to the Frieza saga, and a lot more focus has been shifted to stats. You can  train your stats endlessly if you'd like in a gravity training or fight mobs instead. Blocking raises your constitution, dodging raises your speed, hitting raises your strength, ki attacks raise your intelligence. You can meditate to train your intelligence.  Stats determine your life levels, energy levels, and also stat modifiers for different transformations. And rumor has it that a new method for training is being added in the next day or so.

I have a lot of  hope for the plans they have for this MUD to be something different and it'll be nice to see it take shape further down the line.