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Author Topic: Input requested: New player improvements + New character creation system  (Read 803 times)

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Over the past month we have devoted a lot of time to improving the new player experience. In this effort, we have totally revamped the character creation process, both in terms of appearance and ease of use. We have also overhauled and enhanced the quest system, which is a great way for players to get started on their journey. Lastly, we have created a totally new website and forum that are a bit more modern and easy to navigate!

A total revamp of the character creation system!

The account creation window itself now includes information about how classes, races, and divinities work. It is also much simpler to select an image, check to see whether the character name is available, and ensure efficient stat allocation. It also looks pretty cool too!
Here is a short preview video of the new launcher:

We would love feedback from new players! I'm sure we can still find room for improvement, but this is a BIG leap from the old creation system. Any help you can give us would be great; we are trying to make the character creation process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you on Ember!

Here is a link to the download for the client if you want to give it a try Download:
Here is a link to our website :
If you would like to check out screenshots and videos, they can be found here Media:
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Greetings! It seems the game is growing since I had news about it, I'm glad to read changes are being made. Perhaps something can be done regarding accessibility? I tryed the game about a year ago or something close to this, but my screen reader software couldn't help much, thus I decided to wait to hear a word from the devs.
Best regards, Fellowolf.


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I been playing since the launch the game has improved ten fold in all areas including content which has kept me playing. Extremely satisfied player here :D