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Author Topic: Geas, why I play it...  (Read 1370 times)


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Geas, why I play it...
« on: September 06, 2016, 2:38 AM »
Geas: realistic and unique

-Unique Races: Each race has unique stats and traits *six to choose (dwarf, elf, half-elf, tshahark, halfling, human)

Geas’ class- and level-less system allows your character to improve and advance the skills and abilities he or she uses most, thereby giving you maximum freedom and unlimited possibilities to develop your alter ego into the kind of character you imagine.

The features of Geas are too extensive to list, but they include an unmatched combat system, a dynamic economy, multiple languages, a player enforced legal system, hundreds of skills, an unbelievably detailed world, and roleplay which is both mandatory and strictly enforced.

One of the big advantages of playing a MUD like Geas is that what you do is pretty much up to you. There is a whole huge, unique world to explore. You can choose to become a fighter or a cleric, a politician or a hermit. You can join a guild for protection and special training in certain skills, or you can get some other players together and found your own. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

player # depends when your on, rate now over the last 48 hours 40 unique characters had reported to log on at some point

All from the website, but I play because it feels real, if feels how it would be if I decided to be a warrior or mage. Combat is engaging and fun, and REAL. You can chop of limbs or rip open throats in combat, dont expect to take a hundred hits like that either, bleeding will kill you fast in this game, which is how it would be in real life. AWESOME in my opinion. Magic? Takes LOTS of learning, languages, herbalism, alchemy is only the start and there is SO MUCH MORE!

Id say if you are a serious RP mudder who wants a realistic fantasy experience give this mud a seven day trial. You will not regret it, promise.
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Re: Geas, why I play it...
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 5:14 PM »
Hello, Mudxox!

As a Geas player myself, let me thank you for this heartfelt post. I am very, very glad that you are enjoying your time with us. Geas might not be a perfect MUD, but I can guarantee that its a MUD that deserves to be tried. Its player community is certainly one of the bests I've ever played with.

See you around. Hopefully I'll see you in-game. ;)


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Re: Geas, why I play it...
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2017, 1:49 PM »
The players were great.

Unfortunately there are many problems in regards to motivation by admin. After 20 years this is understandable (young 20-something student... now add 20 years and the old enthusiasm is gone in a world that constantly changes) but nonetheless unfortunate, due to secondary problems emerging e. g. a few non-admin wizards ruining the game and nobody really stopping them. Or even admin not being interested to discuss anything at all with players, which is a great recipe to accelerate player decay in general.

If you manage to avoid these problems, and if you have other players to interact with, then the game can be fun. I myself grew tired of people hiding behind their wizard account ruining the game - it's not many who abused their wizard account but the few bad apples spoil the other "better" apples (before the bad apples often retire anyway, only their awful code remains in the game).

> player # depends when your on, rate now over the last 48 hours 40 unique characters had reported to log on at some point

Since any given player can play as many characters as he/she wants to, I never understood why 'who' was nerfed. There was absolutely no need for it but ask PO Turian why he allowed for 'who' to be ruined after 13 years. PO Allalltar instantly abandoned the game when PO Abharsair returned and PO Okkita can't stop doing the promo-tours on the webforum - it's quite sad to see. But a lesson for other MUDs, too:

- Never allow non-admin wizards to act as full surrogate admin helpers.
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