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Author Topic: LFS: Eclipse Phase MUX - Experienced Python Coders and Skilled Writers.  (Read 830 times)


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Looking for coders, designers, and writers for Eclipse Phase MUX. I am developing a game based on the Eclipse Phase universe, RP Encouraged/borderline enforced. All hardcoded systems, with frequent admin and player run plots. I am in early closed development, and will continue to function as the lead developer on this project.

Eclipse Phase is a roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror. Eclipse Phase MUX begins in AF 16 (After fall +16) or approximately 2216AD. Initial setting will be Luna/Earth habitats, with plans to expand as the game grows.

Coder Requirements:
  • Experienced with Python.
  • Experienced and mature MUD/MUSH/MOO/MUX admin/coder/builder.
  • Experienced with Git.
  • Django experience is a plus.
  • Evennia codebase experience is a huge plus.

Writers: You don't need to be particularly good at coding or building, but you do need to be incredibly thematic. You would be assisting myself and the other admin with descriptions and theme, especially player-facing descriptions.

Please email me ( with a short blurb of your background, both coding and building experience, what attracts you to working on this project, and any work samples you believe would be relevant. (Writing an IC RP in theme, code samples, etc.)

A little about the Eclipse Phase Theme, from the game manuals:
  • Your mind is software. Program it.
  • Your body is a shell. Change it.
  • Death is a disease. Cure it.
  • Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

Eclipse Phase is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror. Humans are enhanced and improved, but humanity is battered and bitterly divided. Technology allows the reshaping of bodies and minds and liberates us from material needs, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. Many threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien. We humans have a special way of pulling ourselves up and kicking ourselves down at the same time. We’d achieved more progress than ever before, at the cost of wrecking our planet and destabilizing our own governments. But things were starting to look up. With exponentially accelerating technologies, we reached out into the solar system, terraforming worlds and seeding new life. We reforged our bodies and minds, casting off sickness and death. We achieved immortality through the digitization of our minds, resleeving from one biological or synthetic body to the next at will. We uplifted animals and AIs to be our equals. We acquired the means to build anything we desired from the molecular level up, so that no one need want again. Yet our race toward extinction was not slowed and in fact received a machine-assist over the precipice. Billions died as our technologies rapidly bloomed into something beyond control … further transforming humanity into something else, scattering us throughout the solar system, and re-igniting vicious conflicts. Nuclear strikes, biowarfare plagues, nanoswarms, mass uploads … a thousand horrors nearly wiped humanity from existence. We still survive, divided into a patchwork of restrictive inner system hypercorp-backed oligarchies and libertarian outer system collectivist habitats, tribal networks, and new experimental societal models. We have spread to the outer reaches of the solar system and even gained footholds in the galaxy beyond. But we are no longer solely “human” … we have evolved into something simultaneously more and different— something transhuman.