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Author Topic: New Dragonlance Themed CoffeeMUD Seeking Builders  (Read 1247 times)


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New Dragonlance Themed CoffeeMUD Seeking Builders
« on: March 03, 2016, 1:58 PM »
Hi all,

I've been working on a second project (in addition to d20mud) the past few months, and am at the stage now where I'd like to see about getting some others to join in the building effort.

The project is a port of the classic Age of Dragons CircleMUD over to CoffeeMUD.  Age of Dragons was a mildly popular MUD back in the 90s and early 2000s, but today it is almost entirely dead, except for sporadic spurts of nostalgic play from old players.  There's been attempts in the past to do a port, most of those attempts to tbaMUD, but none of those got all that far.

Enter CoffeeMUD.  A very advanced and perhaps the most robust and feature-rich of all the public codebases, and we have a very solid base whereupon we can do a successful port that will have us miles ahead in terms of features, races, classes, abilities, etc.

I've managed to port over the world successfully.  What needs to be done now is to recreate and place mobs and objects.  We have all of the room descriptions and exits in place.  By using the still-online original MUD, we can simply copy-paste descriptions for mobs and objs, making the process of recreating them very easy.  It becomes even easier given that there are built in tools to auto-stat your mobs and objects based on mob/obj level.  This is where I need the help, in the recreation and placement of mobs and objs.

If this interests you, please reach out to me on the CoffeeMUD.  I am usually there from around 12pm EST till 7pm EST Monday to Friday, and occasionally on weekends.  I am logged in at work, so there will likely be a delay before I see you, so please don't get discouraged and log off it takes me a bit to answer.

There is a bit of a learning curve with CoffeeMUD building.  Not because the system itself is unnecessarily complicated, but because there's so much to learn in terms of its capabilities.  However I've gotten very good at it, and know where to find things when I have questions, so I can and will assist in helping you learn.

As of now, by myself, I've gotten I've gotten 90% of the good aligned starting city and surrounding zones done, up to level 17 mobs and objs placed.  It's probably about 15% of the world overall that's been completely ported over.

So, hope to catch you on the game soon! :)

Age of Dragons CoffeeMUD Login Info: port 4444


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