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Author Topic: Burning Post II: The Plot Continues  (Read 4763 times)


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Burning Post II: The Plot Continues
« on: July 28, 2013, 4:55 PM »
Chaos has been defeated and the portal beneath New Yarsith
has been closed. Lamiae herself has been thwarted and the
Princess Kalyadra has been rescued. All seems to be going
well for the Holy Davite Empire and the Capitol heaves a
sigh of relief. In New Yarsith it is the same and our
players sank down into much needed rest.

Yet that rest was shattered all too soon when the Daravi
invaded once more. Chaos was defeated, yet the Crown Prince
of the Daravi Sultanate was back, his head on another man's
body and not just that, but the Sultan himself is leading
this attack. The Knights were decimated in the initial blow
and now New Yarsith lives in terror while the Royal Family
inhabits nearby Seaview, preparing for war.

The Royal Navy surrounds the Island, yet with the Daravi
incursion, heretical mages are growing more bold and a tense
standoff between those who support the Empire and those who
support the Sultanate has formed. Where will you go? Whose
side will you take? Come and find out. port 4321 visit the website for
more information!

Our coders are constantly working on new improvements to the
game, recently updating our magic system and improving the
crafting system. The game is ever evolving and is growing
ever more popular. With a wide variety of both legal and
illegal guilds in place there is room for characters of all