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Mass Effect: Alpha & Omega
« on: July 13, 2013, 11:20 AM »
Omega: One of the few places in the galaxy
that’s thriving in the wake of the devastation
inflicted by the Reaper War.

Refugees are packed into the space station’s
lower districts like sardines, and shortages
make important imports like coffee obscenely
expensive, but there’s always work to be done,
and there’s always someone hiring.

For Alpha Phoenix, life is good. The new
mercenary company survived its first scuffle
with a rival and gained no small amount of
notoriety when it delivered the turian head of
Chimaera to Aria T’Loak herself. Recruitment is
high and the jobs are rolling in - even if their
last did end in a surprise encounter with a
yahg. They’ve gained a ship, expanded their
space, and are even building a clinic complete
with quarian clean-room.

What could possibly go wrong?

Not everyone is pleased with Alpha Phoenix’s
expanding power. There are other fledgling
groups looking to make a name for themselves,
and the fact that certain members of Alpha
Phoenix seem inclined to stir up trouble with
local slavers has fueled the fire of discontent.
It doesn’t help that they’re run by a human -
one of those upstart, greedy newcomers to the
galactic stage who think they know everything.

They aren’t going to let Alpha Phoenix have
Kenzo District - and Aria’s favor - without a
fight. Nothing is ever that easy.


Mass Effect: Alpha & Omega is a MOO set in the
Mass Effect universe after ME3 (with canon red
destroy ending, tweaked a little). It takes
place on Omega, and while it takes advantage of
the diversity of that setting, the primary story
focuses around an up and coming mercenary group
called Alpha Phoenix.

Visit us at or connect
at .