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Author Topic: RPI the plot never seems to end! (burning post II)  (Read 2023 times)


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RPI the plot never seems to end! (burning post II)
« on: July 03, 2013, 2:12 PM »

I’ve been playing Burning Post 2 for about 3 – 4 months now.  If you’re looking for an amazing RPI this is a great place to be.  Now, if you want a land of peace and safety, this isn’t the world for you.  If you want danger, intrigue, plots within plots, and prejudices this is a great place to be.  Warning: If your character dies, you are dead.  You will get a portion of your xp to put into a new character.  How do you earn xp? You roleplay.  If you have magic, keep it a secret, otherwise you will be burned for having such an evil taint within your blood.  That’s how your soul gets to go to paradise after all.  Don’t worry, the order will help protect your souls from becoming tainted with offering wisdom, offering confessionals’ and occassionaly having reviews of faith.  The knights will protect you from those who ignore the will of the church.  The reeves protect from things such as thieves, murderers, and the like.  Then you have your crafters,  mercenaries, and the brotherhood (thieves).
                A large plot has become evident over the last month.  It’s still going on so I cannot say all the beautiful details, those I know and don’t, but I can grant you a few basics on it.  The prince has visited the island of New Yarsith (where most all the rp takes place, though there is another island) He warns of great evil that could affect the world, but it stems from New Yarsith.  Something must be done!!  Shortly after that things got ‘interesting.’
                Earthquakes, demons starting to show their evil heads.  Several people were possessed, hearing voices in their heads.  Then a day came that all seemed to become possessed. (Quite the time!) Then the daravi showed up while we were all possessed. The daravi are at war with the Lithmorran’s, (New Yarsith is part of Lithmorran land) and any Daravi on the island are slaves, or at least were until these Daravi showed up. The Daravi are claiming we have their princess and they want her back!  They kidnapped our Bishop, cut off his finger!!  Women started becoming pregnant and in a matter of hours a demon was born from their womb.  Don’t fear! We’ve managed to kill them as they come out, at least as far as I know. Except one that is, and its trouble. Now, there is a lot more that has happened, there is a lot more to happen.  However it would mean a lot more writing and I’d rather you have the joy of finding out by coming and visiting us.
                Remember: To improve skills you need xp, to get xp you need to roleplay, die and as in real life you are dead.  We do not have people randomly going about killing others, their must be a reason.  We got a totally cool cemote fighting system so the game isn’t in control of ‘how’ you attack as much as just determining if it succeeds or not based on your stats.  Being a mage is dangerous, don’t go for that at first, wait till you get a feel for the game.  Some races are prejudist against others, take that into account when choosing a race. (Don’t worry, help files go into more details) We are a friendly bunch.  You have questions? We have answers!


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RE: RPI the plot never seems to end! (burning post II)
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2013, 2:00 AM »
The Holy Davite Empire is at war, in the south the Duchy of
Farin is beset by the Daravi Sultanate, it's vicious army
bolstered by heretical magic users. Yet the fighting isn't
limited to just the border, for New Yarsith, deep in the
Empire is a special place. For what happens there is
reflected in what happens without. Daravi have been sighted,
insighting slave uprisings, mages strike with impunity, the
Order and the Knights ruthlessly hunt down heretics while
the Reeves desperately try and stop criminals attempt to
take advantage. Nobles rise and fall and plots about on the
Burning Post II

In something of a renaissance and revival, The Burning Post
II has seen a sharp rise in player activity of late, tipping
towards the 25-30 player mark at peak times with staff
running plot events regularly both major and minor. It's an
exciting time to be playing on this, one of the few
Inquisition style muds still running. I've been playing on
Burning Post II for almost a year now and the game is just
getting better and better.

In addition to the immortal run plots which are both
exciting and challenging, the game has a great deal of
flexibility for player run plots and conflicts. All of the
major positions (save that of the royalty themselves) are
held by players. So it is players who run the political life
of New Yarsith and handle most of the conflicts. This leads
to a number of dynamic plots and shifting alliances.

The guild system is quite good with a large number of
opportunities for players to be involved in a variety of
fighting branches, nobility, the church, or even as a
chimerist, a sort of medieval scientist. And if guilds
aren't your thing, there is a crafting system available in
game that is constantly being worked on to expand its

Player housing and shops are also available for those who
are looking to set up their own characters homes and with
player woodworkers in game you can even get customized
furniture to make that home something particularly special.

Perhaps my single favorite thing about this game, aside from
it's spectacular theme is the rpxp/qp/leveless system. There
are no levels, but there are skills that one can learn. By
spending xp, which is gained solely through RP, you can work
on raising your stats and skills, customizing your character
however you like to. Quest Points, known as QP can be earned
through exceptional roleplay and used to reward other good
roleplayers or spent on a variety of things, including
increasing your skills further. How your character develops
and grows is up to you!

If you like good, quality RP in a world with an exciting
theme, Burning Post II is the right game for you. It's a
world where IC actions equal IC consequences and where you
never know who your friends are and you always have to be on
your toes.

Remember to tell them Kelindel sent you!