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looking for some ptesters
« on: July 03, 2013, 11:26 AM » 7777
I am looking for some ptesters to come and help with what would make the experience on Void of Reality more enjoyable to players.

Now I will admit, this game is not like any others you have played out there. There is no mud school, there are no newbie helpers. This game is like what WoW is to Guild Wars 2. WoW is a piece of cake to play and learn where Guild Wars 2 has many more unique combat styles.

So lets start off with the features of the mud.

World: Totally original world. 120 open areas with 19348 rooms.

Theme: Pure PK with a Fantasy theme.
Story: The mud has a nice story and updated about 5 years back.

Character Creation/modification: The mud has a very extensive character creation system when you roll. You have the choice of 24 different races, 12 for each faction. In game you have character modifications with the use of the implant system, remort system, and guild system.

Mapping: The mud has a built in over head mapping system which I modified myself. (Works with Tintin and Zmud. Does not work with mudlet)
Classes: This mud has classes, Warrior, Mage (with the choice of which school you want to specialize in), healer, assassin.

Spells and Skills: There are hundreds of spells and skills that you are able to learn through out the whole map of the mud. A lot of low level skills and spells are right your hometown where more advanced spells and skills are out in the world. Skill and Spell teachers have the word [Teacher] in front of their room description to help to point them out to players.

PK Style: Very different PK style then most PK muds. On most PK muds you can see who is on, you can see who would be able to kill you. On here you can not see this because the good side and evil side have their own who lists. When you run into someone of the opposite alignment you do not see their name, all you see is +* A Drow *+ is here. If you kill someone of the opposite alignment you gain warpoints. Warpoints can be used to remort your character when you reach certain levels.

Remort system: Now I know most muds do not have this type of system. What this is, when you reach a certain level you can remort. First remort is level 50. When you remort you are able to add 5 stats to your character and then choose a bonus to your help out your overall damage, get a few more hitpoints, or a few more movement points, or if you are a caster to give yourself more mana.

Spell casters and mana use: There is a pretty decent mana system on this mud. Very different from other muds. You have your basic elements of mana, fire, earth, air, and water. On top of that there is a gem system like no others. Gems do two things. Give you the ability of raising your max spell level which aids in casting higher level spells, and providing your character with much more mana so you are able to cast more spells before running out of mana. Gems give different types of mana. Some might be a 1 elemental gem, some can have 2 elements, and some gems have 3 elements. No all gems are the same because there are different spell level gems like I explained above. You can tell the difference by the name of the gem, Uncut gem is a low level gem, a rough gem is a little bit better quality, a shard is better then a rough gems, and flawless gems are some of the best and most powerful gems in the game.

Now like I said, this game will be a big difference in the basic dikumud, you will not have the same old familiar areas that you are use to and you will feel like you are blind coming into this game. It is natural for anything new. If you stick it out, read the signs in the newbie area, they will give you hints in what to do, help files to look at, and more. Only you can help it get better from a players point of view. If you log in, and not attempt to play the game, you have given up before you started. So log in, wear all, enter portal, read sign, and then go and kill things. Just like all muds the CONSIDER command is a very good thing to use. You have a free learned skill called flurry it uses moves to flail your weapon around to give you a few more attacks in a round of combat. You can sleep to help gain hit points and moves back faster, and you can meditate to help gain mana back faster.

There you have it. Some of the more advanced mud features out there. Please come give it a try and help me, help you in making this game more enjoyable. port 7777
Void of Reality port 7777