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New Zone - Utopia!
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:16 PM »
Now Open! Utopia City!

The city that was supposed to be the entrance flagship of
the Future Dimension for us more than 15 years ago has
finally been completed. Even as the other docking bays in
the space port got filled by areas going in: Pleasure Planet
(Golf Course, Little Italy, Punk Concert, Jurassic Park),
Star Wars (Hoth, Tattooine, Endor, Dagabah, Deathstar),
Necromunda, The Queltorian Sector, Spaceship Titanic, New
Goznemia, Sydney (Down Under and Outback), London
(Terramort), Cosmo Canyon, Reptilia, and Whotvar; Docking
bay 1 remained empty waiting for the promised land of

That time has arrived!

The city itself, located under a dome, is safe for newbies
to wander around, but Outside the dome are tougher mobs,
some so tough that you need at least 3 people to take them
on. This zone also introduces Irradiation which is what the
dome protects the city from.

So, protect yourself, grab a couple of friends and head off
to Docking Bay 1 at the space port.

(Many thanks to Snowbird for starting the zone years ago,
Lionheart for his hard work on the scripts and Molly for
finishing the zone.)