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The Inquisition: Legacy (RP-E)
« on: June 30, 2013, 2:25 AM »
One of only two remaining active Inquisition
themed MUDs, TL:I has an active staff of six,
and 30+ active player accounts in the last week.
During peak times the MUD gets 15-30 PCs role
playing together on a grid that is small enough
to encourage interaction, but large enough to
encourage exploration of the enjoyable, well-
written rooms.



In an alternate universe called “Urth”, the
Prophet King Dav set off on a religious quest to
eradicate magery throughout the world, on the
word of the Lord of the Springs, the Creator of
Matter. In his holy war he brought the known
world to heel but for one nation, the Daravi,
with whom the Kingdom of Lithmore remains at war
even today. Our tale takes place generations
later in the capital of the fair realm Dav
created, Lithmore City, where the Holy Order
dominates the land whilst mages hide beneath
their very noses.

In general, the theme is about secrecy,
conspiracy, oppression, corruption, and the true
definition of evil. In specific, imagine the
horrors of our historical Inquisition with one
twist: magic is real. But are mages truly evil?
Is the Church really kind? It’s up to you as a
player to decide.



+Classless, level-less system. You earn XP by
role playing, and then that XP is used to learn
skills as you use them.

+A QP (Quest Point) system that allows you to
turn in QP (garnered by recommends and other
things) to do anything that you can't do via
code, via staff. Want to play forensics with a
crime scene? By turning in QP, you can get it
described in greater detail to you by a staffer,
and turn up a vital clue. Want to hire a
carriage ride to discreetly take you and the
person you just killed through the most
populated area of town? You can do this, via QP.

+One of the most vibrant Inquisition themes,
added to by players and staff alike for over two

+A unique storyteller system, wherein a player
can initiate their own quests and events with
the option of pre-planned staff assistance.

+A desc note system, by which the staff help to
keep all character secrets, and PKing, 'on the
level'. No more worrying about Lucy finding out
OOCly that your character is sleeping with her
character's husband, and taking it out on you

+A recommend system that encourages RP by
letting you reward characters you enjoy.

+A wholly unique system for starting, and
affecting, rumors.

+A completely unique magic system with over
fifty spells, spread across the elements of
void, fire, water, air, and earth.

+Player run guilds.

+Several races, all unique.

+So much more.



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RE: The Inquisition: Legacy (RP-E)
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 11:35 AM »
In the Bleak Midwinter

A series of mysterious murders has now claimed the lives of
four different travelers crossing the mountainous passes
just west of Lithmore, the first found dead during Yule
itself. The murders have reputedly been unusually gruesome
and horrifying, with the victims' bodies left hardly
recognizable afterward. Travel through the passes - already
a difficult proposition in the Lithmorran winter - has
slowed to a crawl, and the few hardy souls who live in the
area year-round have voiced increasing concern.


This is a story plot, set to start at 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST. If
you want to throw yourself right into the thick of things,
having your new character help track down a murderer in the
silent winter woods, now would be a good time to log on and
go through the process of creation! By using our visnet
channel and communicating with our player-aides you can
easily navigate through character creation and come out with
a healthy understanding of the theme and lore that drives
our unique version of Earth, Urth.


+Demon summoning code is now in, and has been used to great

+A swarm of IC books are being added by players and staff
alike to enhance and define the theme and lore of Urth
further, and further distinguish Davism from real-life

+This past week TI: L experienced record activity, with 40+
player accounts active and roleplaying and 34 characters
online at one time