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Author Topic: Aspire to be the greatest fighter and fight the Match of the Millennium!  (Read 926 times)


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(This author is a player, and not affiliated with MotM administration in any way.)

Match of the Millennium is a MUSH made for fighting game enthusiasts by fighting game enthusiasts. Having been around since 2003, it is a time-tested game whose story is very much the creation of its players. You have only but to glimpse the logs section of the site ( to understand how many stories have already been written. This MUSH draws upon many genre favorites (Street Fighter, Final Fight, King of Fighters, Tekken, and more!) and brings their worlds together into a cohesive whole that lends itself well to creating the roleplaying experience of a lifetime! And there is still so much left to be experienced, so much left to be written!

MotM possesses one of of the greatest and most intricate combat systems ever coded for a fighting game-based MUSH. Leave the +punching and +kicking to lesser games, regain your 'composure', strengthen your 'focus', or 'charge' up your best attack and unleash a combo on your opponent, throw a chi-infused attack, or even interrupt an opponent's attack with your own crushing onslaught and leave them writhing on the floor in pain! The possibilities the game's intricate combat system presents are endless!

MotM has, admittedly, hit a slump in player activity as of recently. But while this means there are less players writing stories now, it also means even more opportunity for new players to take the reins and make history. In fact, many of the more popular characters are available to be played NOW (Ryu, Iori, Billy and Jimmy Lee, Mike Hagger, Jin Kazama, ... the list goes on!). Also, due to the slump in activity, application cooldown periods have also been temporarily suspended. So grabbing the characters you want to play has never been easier!

There is no better time to join MotM than now (or come back if you're an old player). port: 2002

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