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Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« on: April 12, 2013, 2:59 AM »
Want a good Mud?  Multi has been around since 1995... its a well founded Mud.  I've seen a number of newer ones that try to start up but never seem to get past Beta stage.  So the age (and my personal well as my friends..) makes me feel comfortable we aren't going away soon.

I personally started about 2000 - 2001 so you could say its somewhat addicting.  There are folks on the game who have been around longer and those a lot less.

Over those years numerous new zones have been created or enlarged to make sure we get new areas to explore, new quests to work on, new ways to get ourselves killed

The game has 17 different races (1 made more for advanced players) and 4 starter classes. (warrior/thief/mage/cleric) At level 60 you can remort and then pick a 2nd class... so once you have fully finished your char there a choice of 16 classes.

For an idea on stats and how ones score works, I copy/pasted this:

 /_\=\                                                                   \=\
// \|=|                                                                   |=|
||/||=|    Brashen, a 41 years old Male Halfelf from Midgaard.            |=|
||\//=/                                                                  /=/
|-|                                                                   |-|
|-| Level: 60    Degrees: 14  (max:16 )     Rank: the Cut-Throat      |-|
|-| Align: Black as Death           Exp:  24355361 Exp TNL:    644639 |-|
|-|   God: Nihilistic Surveillance Agency                             |-|
|-| Hit  Points: [  692/  692]      Armor: protected                  |-|
|-| Mana Points: [  154/  154]    Damroll: A frightening entity       |-|
|-| Move Points: [  178/  384]    Hitroll: A blind novice             |-|
|-|                            Spellfocus: Expert caster              |-|
|-| Total Kills:  [ 7115] Evil: [ 1304] Good: [ 4423] Neutrl: [ 1388] |-|
|-| Heroes Slain: [   61] in Lawful:  [   52]     in Lawless: [    9] |-|
|-| Total Deaths: [  673] Deathtraps: [    0]    Environment: [    3] |-|
|-| Stones:  [      350]    Quest Points: [        7] (Max:        7) |-|
|-| Gold:    [      321]            Bank: [   480000]                 |-|
(and that death tally? yah...I sorta have #1 slot in most deaths... we got a loser board to keep up with that...)

(you can buy scrolls of identify to get an even more in depth look at your stats such as hit/dam...and to id your equipments stats)

sadly...its not a perfect fit onto the advertisement page but still offers a good idea.

There are also several clans you can join with different purposes...
Paladins (the good guys)
Rangers (exploration)
Mockers (get the money)

and more...

You can choose to worship a deity..

The game has a relaxed roleplay to it ...basically if you want to RP go for it...but its not something you are pressured to do

We have different styles of zones... we have sci-fi area with different planets and different ways to get to them...

we have continents with large number of zones...
ever wanted to enter smurf village?
visit blackbeard the pirate?
confront Zeus?
Go see Lucifer and his Demons?
See what Boba Fett is up to?
Go back to the days of dinosaurs?

Countless...upon countless in fact... other wonders to see...

We have a group on facebook, a webpage ( twitter ... so no chance of not being able to keep in contact with others

So come on over and visit... toss us a howdy on the newbie channel... and see just how friendly we are

Want to check us out? Website again is:
Connect right away?: host: Port: 4242


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2013, 12:22 PM »
i did a search for your mud here on tmc and was shown 2 different multi mud's. what is the difference between the two?


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2013, 12:42 PM »
The other one isn't us ... it's some other mud created years after us in france, with French as language

we are the one all in caps MULTI MUD
Thanks for pointing out this bit of confusion

(to make it easier:)!


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2013, 10:42 PM »
(Multimud's the original, true one multimud's implementor speaking). I'm
somewhat annoyed with them actually. We've tried contacting them, especially
after they popped up on TMC. We've been around substantially longer, sadly
though losing our listing on TMC for a while (when they popped up), sustaining
our presence on another listing site though..

Well, as has been said, we are the crazy multi-themed mud ranging from jurassic
to sci-fi and I'm not afraid of creating even crazier one-off or short-lived special
engines for you to combat.

The other guys.. speak french.


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2013, 12:33 AM »
I've been playing this mud since 1998 (or maybe first half of 1999). And I really like it. And I'm still playing it.

I've tried few other muds over the years, but they weren't for me. Some were full of exp gathering bots, because it only was all about exp. Others were full PK (player killing) muds.

I stuck to MULTI MUD, because I can have all the aspects in one place. I can focus on gathering more and more exp if I want. I can focus on PK if I want. I can roleplay if I wan't (it's optional, not not enforced).

In the end the most important reason I stayed for so many years is because of the people. I really like the people who are around there.
We've had mud meetings and I took quite a long trip to attend that. Beacuse I was quite far away from most of the players at that time.
We've had mudmeetings in Europe and also for the US players there was a meeting on the East Coast.
Over the years I've visited some of the players in real life (not only during mudmeetings, but also other times). I like those people THAT much. :)

Got carried away with stuff outside the game. Lets now go inside.

As alredy mentioned there's a variety of options who you can play. Different races and different classes. All of them having their own special abilities. Hobbits for example have gluttony.

Different classes have different abilities.
Imagine an assassin (thief who remorted into thief) walking into a room, stabbing a mob several times and retreating into safety before the mob can even realize what happened and didn't have the time to hit back. Basically an
assassin has a skill which enables him to start a fight with more damage than he usually does in fight and get away with it. Other classes aren't that fast.
Or imagine a bard (thief remorted into cleric) who's so good with his musical instruments, that when he starts playing, everybody in the room stop fighting to listen to that.

These are just very few example of different skills different classes can have.
There's many more: snipe, ambush, preach, poison weapon and many many more.

So stop by have a look and stay around for the fun and nice people.

host: , port: 4242


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2013, 5:46 PM »
Yeah I started playing Multimud around 2003 or 2004 :) The people were great and to this day they still are great and friendly. You want to kill a Fido and NOT get arrested? BAM do it. You want to Kill Zeus take his head down to Hell where you give it to Lucifer so he can give YOU (yes you right there) a reward for doing so, come back to hell kill Lucifer, take his trident and do an awesome dance??? Multimud has that too!

When we talk of classes we have the 4 base classes (Mage Cleric Warrior Thief) and then we have the awesome sauce remorting system where you can be a Ninja, an Assassin, a Priest, a Paladin (can go on and on). If your sitting around and reading this with popcorn in hand (as I am right now) stop what your doing and come over to Multimud and play it up until your fingers hurt! If the people, places, conversations and deaths wont make you stay the quests, fun and adventure will!


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2013, 6:47 PM »
Another instance of our craze is this: Yesternight, I had this idea that monks (mages turned thieves, we call them monks, you might call them otherwise) would be a nice candidate for a yin/yang flow test... so I boosted a skill and a spell of theirs (each remort is guaranteed six unique remort skills, dual remorts more). They now have an array of intertangled things, absorb, concentration and ironfist: concentration increases their max mana temporarily, absorb lets them turn damage they take into an increase of mana, and ironfist lets them turn mana into damage dealt.

And so the monk, formerly a primarily PK class, suddenly became a fun adventurer to travel the world with, especially if you develop a sense of getting the balance right in how much energy you're taking in and how much you're dealing out again.. The class just turned its very essence of how it is to be played inside-out, and in a positive way on top..

Well, what do I wanna say here? I'm a coder with experience and partially too much time on the hand. Just as in any other game that's been around for soon to be 20 years, there's dark corners lurking, unfinished projects and dead ends, things waiting the 'final touch'... but then again, I don't just scrape by by keeping the game running and backing up player files here and there. I actually still, after a decade, actively develop this beast. See you later.


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2013, 9:33 PM »
Oddly, I found myself following close in your footsteps, when I as well, added some skillsets to one of my newer classes, The Bard.  Mainly skills relating to picking locks, trap-zapping doors which led to vaults and safe doors. But I wanted to try to Imp something unique, and have produce a Bard, that relies on Magic and Brew, to manhandle is way around in my MUD. Like you, I have lots of time on my hands and enjoy adding new things to my long running 20 year plus MUD. The more drunk he is, the better he sings and plays his instruments. Stay thirsty my friends :)


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2013, 1:22 PM »
Just to add on:

Every gotten really frustrated at lag affecting you when trying to play?
We understand this...there is lag mob you can seek out (it moves every repop) and kill that horrid lag!

Also if you want to see the fun you missed the game keeps a handful of the last things said on the different channels.  It's also good for seeing tells or gsays or any of the other channels that might be hard to read while the screen's flowing fast from attacking some mob.

Really, its hard to explain all the reasons I love the game.  To meet some helpful and a bit crazy folk just give us a test, make a char, take a little time to give us a try.  If somehow you do not become obsessed look elsewhere...but you might find leaving a lot harder than coming.
Got a handful of famous last words on our webpage, an example:

Solace gossips, 'im like a freaking superhero'

 Constable Nobbs of the Night Watch gossips, 'Sadly enough, I had to kill Solace.'


Brashen Najael
Infamous Assassin for:
Most Deaths of Self
(what could be more fun to be known for?)


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #9 on: April 21, 2013, 9:24 AM »
What Hort is obviously trying to say is that Multimud is addictive. I second that. I also started playing Multi around 1997 or 1998. And I can't quit. I have tried very hard. I can't quit.

Multimud is very addictive. You've been warned!

Recently I bought a new, faster computer with a great big monitor and a top-of-the-line video card so I could play Skyrim. I played it for a few hours. Skyrim is boring. As I tried to have fun playing it, I kept wishing I was playing Multi instead. After a few hours, I gave it up and went back to Multi.

MUDs are cool. Multimud is the best MUD I have found (after a long search). Multi is solid, well balanced, well supported, and has a great community. That should be obvious since Hort and I have been playing Multi for 15 years. (Here's a challenge: Name any other game that is just as good 15 years later.)

Yes, Multi is *that* addictive. Are you married? Do you have kids, a job, and other responsibilities? If so, you better not play Multi! (Just kidding. Play Multi!)

To learn more visit

Or just login at Host:, Port: 4242.



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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #10 on: April 22, 2013, 8:55 PM »
I have to 2nd (3rd? 4th?) that motion. I've been
playing muds for going on 15 years. I have
played big, small, strict RP, PVP, and I've
never enjoyed any of them as much as MULTI.

The players are friendly but not smothering. The
big Knights charge into battle without thinking
it through, the Wizards are always ready to
charge you for your next fix, the crafty Ninja
is always there to show you his impressive new
prize deftly liberated from Thador's underworld.
There's a bard to raise your spirits - and
attacks, a sage to sit on the platform and idle,
a priest to make your prey a kitten, a monk to
fight your worst enemies barehanded, and a
Spellsword to bring her animated swords to the
party. There's the Assassin who cajoles everyone
participate in PK Thursday (looking at *you*
Brashen), and the druid who always seems to win
more than he loses.

So come and join the best MUD around, come be
the rogue who can distract that mob who's immune
to backstabs, the ranger who finds his way -
dodging Death Traps, the warlord who wields a
blade of fire, the Paladin who is his own
healer, or the sorcerer who can't decide what
form to take.

The players are friendly and welcoming, the game
challenging but never boring, and the atmosphere
is always exciting.

When I think of what drove me away from other
muds, the squabbling immos, the rank obsessed
guilds, the indifference of the higher level
players, I found myself always drawn back to
MULTI. There's always some new skill, a tweaked
spell, or a new or revamped zone to keep me
excited. For the thousands of hours I've spent
on MULTI, it's the best entertainment around -
free, and never dull.


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #11 on: April 26, 2013, 4:06 AM »
Apart from all of the excitement and variety in playing experience, I have really come to love the world. For some people the concept of a multi-themed mud may be irritating. I have to say that it works very well. The feel of the individual zones is consistent, but that's not all of it. Because the zones are not just existing parallel to each other but have come to be connected in various ways. Some mobs will tell you about their origins in other Zones, sometimes crossing genre - its weird, but if you accept it, its also wonderful. You want to help someone from a corrupted fantasy castle to fix his watch, you may have to dig your way through the bureaucracy of a space station. It opens up unique perspectives: sometimes I lough out loud, sometimes I'm filled with an intense sense of wonder.
Also, after all this time there is always something still to find even in the most ancient zones. Sabach is currently running an Exploration quest for one of the continents and I am amazed by what I find in places I've known for more than 15 years.

As to the personal mud-history I second what many others have said. After starting to play waaay back in the last millenium I quit twice - the last time for some 7 years or so. On returning last year I met old friends and very quickly made new ones. Now it's the people as much as the game and the world, keeping me here.

Just give it a try!


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Happy Birthday tooo uuuuuusss...
« Reply #12 on: May 01, 2013, 3:50 PM »
Oh yeah. Today we celebrate our eighteenth anniversary of going public (may 1st, 1995). We're getting our driver's license now to LEGALLY (we're hosted in Germany) drive you to addiction. The party's on. Has been for 18 years, will be for another 18.


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #13 on: May 07, 2013, 7:51 AM »
Hey guys,

I think another important feature of our mud is our balance
of being pretty newbie friendly, and having high level
gaming features.  

I've been on muds that you have to learn a deep structure
too before you can really get going.  After you figure out a
ton of information about some realm and its factions you are
thrown out into a world with no real idea where to start.

I don't know where Darquiel is these days, but I do know
that a lot of thought was put into the newbie school by him,
and Gothmog especially.  

While the majority of the immortal quests (quests run by us,
and not a part of the game itself) are for top level
characters, we have quite a few that are not.  Rumor has it
that a bard contest is coming up, and there are exploring
quests that don't require top level to participate as well.

Part of being a "Multi" Mud is you don't have to get so
entrenched with one part of the story, your free to go out
and try different things.

We also have a relaxed RP as I would call it.  Role playing
is done on our mud.  The people that enjoy it more do more
of it.  The power gamers spend most of their time gaming and
everyone co-exists peacefully.  This also allows newbie to
drop out of their RP and get a question across without being
hounded by jerks who don't want to help them.  In face, if
someone makes a new character on our mud, I've been a bit
afraid lately that our playerbase (YES YOU BRASHEN!) might
be a bit too friendly!  I promise Brashen is not a stalker
unless you become an outlaw, and then it is still only in
the game... (Can't wait for your reply on that one!)

And since I talked about the balance between newbie play and
high level features... Here is a bit about the high level

Our most recent change was to our monk (Mage/thief).  He has
a spell that makes him take no damage during fights as long
as he doesn't go over his max mana.  Now all damage applies
straight to his mana, and he has to use his ironfist/mage
spells to dish it out before he reaches his max mana.  If he
hits the max mana, he is taking damage like any other player
at that point.  It is a concept that goes agaist how most
muds/rpgs do things, but it totally works!  With my monk, he
goes up agaist tough mobs and holds his own as long as I can
find that balance.  It feels like a completely different
game when I play with him. (Actually it feels  a bit like
street fighter's Ryu/Ken to me).

Currently running quest wise is our happy birthday
celebration (old school Duke Nukem's that we get to kill
off) and an Akirema (modern time) exploration quest.

There are my two cents!


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RE: Whats Important (Multi Mud)
« Reply #14 on: May 08, 2013, 2:08 PM »

In face, if
someone makes a new character on our mud, I've been a bit
afraid lately that our playerbase (YES YOU BRASHEN!) might
be a bit too friendly! I promise Brashen is not a stalker
unless you become an outlaw, and then it is still only in
the game... (Can't wait for your reply on that one!)

Point 1) No newbie has complained about me being to friendly yet!! Just ask any one or all of them! Besides, I must not be too scary considering all the newbies we have lately that I -have not- scared off.  (This could ruin my evil reputation I try to maintain, how could you do this to me?)

Point 2) I'm not friendly! I'm an evil horrible psychotic person who kills his friends! (as long as they also choose to get an outlaw flag) ...I have to play nice to newbies! Hope for some of them to grow up to get outlaw flags to hunt later! (or maybe just cause I'm a big softy at heart but don't tell anyone that)  Also competitive to be more friendly than everyone else because well...I'm competitive

Point 3) How can you say I'm not a stalker? Ask Regrin about me going to underworld just to visit him! He -does not- have an outlaw flag...ignore he goes to the one zone where the entire area is pk'able if you have a mind too...if the mobs don't kill you first...