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The Seven Kingdoms 3E
« on: March 28, 2013, 9:17 PM »
The Seven Kingdoms 3E is set in the world of Loren.

What is Loren?

Loren, was once the creator god of a host of beings
that is now dead, and his body broken into pieces.
These pieces drift through the cosmos, giving life
to all sorts of magical and fantastical beings.
You find yourself amidst the conflicts of deities,
cults, and churches who hold obscure views and
threaten to destroy the very planes themselves.

The crystalforged are marching once again, and the
limits of their destructive capabilities know no
bounds. Rumors that precious stones dug from the earth
hold immense powers, those unlike anything the world
has seen before, while news that the Underworld seems
poised to wreak havoc upon Loren.

Maybe these rumors hold some worth, maybe it is the
key to stopping them.. 9100