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Title: d20MUD Seeking Builders, Quest Makers and Script Writers
Post by: Gicker on March 01, 2018, 3:04 PM
HI all,

Gicker here, from d20MUD: Star Wars.

Just wanted to reach out and see if there's anyone in the community looking for a new place to offer their skills to.  Specifically, we are looking for area builders, quest writers and script writers.

First I'll plug a link to our MUD's entry on ( so those unfamilar with out game can see what we're all about.

Builders: We're a role play incentivised game, meaning we only enforce role play channels, so any ooc speech should take place on ooc channels.  We offer in game rewards for role play, offering big incentives for those who do role play.  By far the majority of our players are role players, though they are not always in character.  Our era is Post Battle of Yavin, between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.  As an area builder you'd create new zones on pretty well any planet in the Star Wars universe.  Generally speaking we do not use roads or sprawling wilderness areas.  Areas are accessed via space travel and taxis.  We desire a high quality of writing, and prefer builders with prior experiece who are able to figure out most things on their own, though we'll certainly help however we can.  Since the codebase is based on CircleMUD 3.1, prospective builders are able to learn and get assistance from The Builder's Academy ( for near 100% skills transferable between our two games.

Quest Writers:  We use a web based quest editor that makes quest creation easy and balanced.  Once you get the hang of it (and it doesn't take long) you can create most quests in 5-15 minutes.  I've attached a screenshot of our quest editor.  Going forward we'd like to make our quest lines as story based as possible.  In fact, we intend to create complete storyline quests from level 1-40 for each of our 4 factions (empire, rebels, hutt syndicate and freelancers), so if that's something you're interested we can certainly use the help there.

Click here to view the quest editor screenshot (

Script Writers: Again, transferable skills from tbaMUD.  We use the DG Scripts system.  It allows you to attach scripts to rooms, mobiles and objects.  It's a very powerful system.  At this stage we're looking to liven up our existing zones, but anything creative and cool that fits, we're interested in.  As a script writer we prefer experience with some kind of programming language or scripting system already.  There's online documentation, as well as tbaMUD, but it's not something we have the time to teach ourselves.  Answer questions, sure!  But not enough time to teach sadly.

Anyone interested please contact me at or catch me in game at port 5500 or (


Title: Re: d20MUD Seeking Builders, Quest Makers and Script Writers
Post by: Gicker on March 15, 2018, 2:18 PM
Just bumping this.  Still looking for staff :) Things have been in a bit of a lull, but slowly ramping up again.