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Title: The Return of the Warlock
Post by: Ateraan on December 24, 2017, 6:57 PM
( The Return of the Warlock
(This Event will be happening in the next week so log on to to be a part of it.)

In 2014 the Shaman of Ateraan were visited by the Grand Master Warlock from the World of Teciaan...a World destroyed by beings of an alternate dimension and a powerful being known only as the Enemy.

The story from decades ago tells of the Warlock leaving the planet after the arrival of the powerful being known as the Oracle of Worlds who had come to instruct the Shaman in preparations of a mighty war.

On the Planet of Ateraan (which New Worlds Ateraan is based), the Shaman and Druids have been at odds for centuries, but on Teciann the Oracle had said that a mighty force from another dimension was coming to demolish the planet as it had done on other worlds.

The oracle told the Shaman that they must garnish the flow of power from any source possible for two reasons. One, to understand dimensional travel and the power of the mind, and two to find new sources of power unlike any known. It was the Shaman's understanding that this meant to delve into any arcane arts and build what they call the "flow" of spirit and mystical power connected to the powers of the mind.

Part of the Event went as follows


You envision the matrix and energy travels through each line above you. The
lines bend and warp into the shape of the pentagon all the while sizzling with
power. As the pentagon forms you begin to see the shape of a being who appears
as a form of light descending from the center of the lines of power that make up
the pentagon.

You sense that a story is about to unfold before you and you should remain where
you are to witness the vision of the Grand Master Warlock.

                <<<<<    Time Passes     >>>>>

The being in light solidifies before you and stands before you. Standing just
over six feet, this man portrays wisdom and power. A silver blue aura radiates
around his body giving him the appearance that he is an illusion, yet his
movement and stature betray this facade. He has jet black eyes but the iris is
silver and glows with an inner mysticism. His hair is long and flowing with the
color of dark sand, black with hints of grey.

He is carrying the body of a female and as he kneels down he lays the female on
the ground in almost a sacred fashion and waving his hand entombs her in some
form of mystical casing. He straightens and looks at the sky a moment before
looking back at you.


You look down at the body on the ground:

You see a female malor,
She has long, black hair.
Her eyes are closed.
Hovering near death this malor woman's skin is pale despite the natural dark
countenance. Her hair is a flowing black that is tinged with gold at the
temples. Her eyes are closed and her lips appear nearly blue. Her body is long
and athletic but hidden by the blue robe she is wrapped in. She appears asleep
but you cannot tell if she is breathing. A mystical aura of blue energy
surrounds her body.
She is wrapped in a blue robe.
She is surrounded by bright blue energy.
She is nearly dead.


The Grand Master Warlock begins speaking to you and his voice is like unto a
single note and then a chord of notes to your mind:

Beings of this world. I have come from beyond the stars from a distant world on
a mission critical to the survival of our galaxy...nay, our universe. I am a
traveler of time and space and my journey has cost me more than you will be able
to understand. I am from my future, but somehow your past. I still do not fully
understand this phenomenon but somehow I have come here before, reversed in
time, and have returned here in another time. In other words, I have been here

I have only been able to make these travels through the teachings and powers of
a being known as the Oracle of the Cosmos. This being is an entity of the mind,
spirit, and flow who has evolved into something beyond mortality. Perhaps
immortality, if immortality can be gauged and referenced in our limited terms. I
know know for in the words of the Oracle, no thing is eternal. Even so, I have
learned the ways of power and magic, mysticism and spirit, I am a follower of
the flow of time and space, of the lines of the spacial matrix, of the mysteries
of universe. As such I have command of the rifts in space that allow me to
traverse from world to world, but not at cost.

For I am not alone in these secrets or abilities. The enemies of the Oracle.
Yeah, the very enemies of the Gods, for they have contempt for the Light and the
Darkness. They have contempt for the Spirit Gods of each World. They are an
immense destructive force for of the Universe and they will not stop until they
destroy or conquer all. For as I judge such things, each world they conquer or
enslave gains them power at the core of their existence. My world was in their
path and the story of its destruction I shall tell you.


            -------------- The End ---------------------

This is just a small part of the event in 2014. Join us on New Worlds Ateraan to be a part of this exciting continuation of an epic story.
Title: Re: The Return of the Warlock
Post by: Ateraan on January 09, 2018, 1:28 AM
The event was fantastic and I'll post a synopsis of what occurred. More importantly look for the followup to this event which is the aftermath and a massive change on New Worlds Ateraan. 8)