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Title: Advertise your Mud with TinTin++
Post by: scandum on December 06, 2017, 10:56 PM
For anyone interested I offer the opportunity to advertise with TinTin++, an open source MUD client. TinTin++ was originally released in 1993 and I've been its developer since 2004. It's a fast and feature rich client with a  dedicated following.

The advertisements are text banners shown on client startup and look like this:


If you'd like to advertise I need the name of your mud, its website url, host address, port, and an eight-line description/advertisement wrapped at 80 columns.

The cost for advertising is $100, preferably paid through Paypal. The banner will be included in client releases for 12 months and is displayed for 5 years. One banner is randomly selected and displayed per client startup.

TinTin++ receives 10,000 downloads a year on Sourceforge. It is included as a package on several distros, including Ubuntu where it has been installed by 1,500 people. TinTin++ is also available as a Termux package, making it easy to install on Android phones. The WinTin++ Windows port is available as an installer and runs on Windows 10 using a PuTTY derived terminal emulator. TinTin++ will also compile on Mac OS X.

If you're interested you can email me at, preferably before the 29th of December.