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Title: Knowledge About the muds
Post by: RyanCaleb on December 04, 2017, 8:42 AM
I'm talking about SOPA. Why should you care? I'm a mudder of about four years, and I know that there are MUDs that would be considered copyright-infringing.

Yes, I know it's free and that you only mean to share in a common interest. Well, if SOPA passes, MUDs such as Harry-Potter, Duungeons & Dragons, and Final Fantasy may be in danger of being taken down forcibly and the administrators and players may be held responsible for any punishment for piracy.

So, MUDders, please take a stand against SOPA and the lesser known PIPA. The US cannot pass these bills or all copyright-infringing media will be taken down and censored for the sake of piracy. If anything is even remotely similar to a big-name video game, book, or movie.

Even Player Reviews are in the line of sights by corporate censorship. Because it contains material relating to a copyrighted item, it will be removed immediately and the player reviewer will be under fire.

Voice your concerns to big companies and media empires. We are in the age of Freedom of Information, I don't want to see it censored to death and completely stagnate all creativity and entertainment.

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