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Title: Programmer looking for work
Post by: Fata1Err0r on November 08, 2017, 9:45 PM

I'm a game programmer that's looking for something fun to do in my spare time. Since I use to play MUDs a lot back in the 90s and early 00s, it would be both fun and nostalgic to help create something with others that are working toward making the game.

I work with Java, C#, and C++ mostly, but I know many others and can easily pick up the syntax of whatever is needed. I'm comfortable with building the code from the ground up, rather than using a code base, but I'm also fine working with pre-existing code if needed. In the past when I worked on MUDs, I was mostly dealing with the various ROM and SMAUG variants, and sometimes with things like Ground Zero and God Wars. Any code base should be easy enough to pick up.

Anyways, if you're looking for someone, hit me up here and we'll communicate further. Take care.