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Title: Ember Online - Spooky November Update!
Post by: Ember Online on November 04, 2017, 4:26 PM
We just completed our biggest update yet that contains both code and content. On the code side we added a ton on new features here are some of the highlights:

Crafting has been introduced and includes quite a few new items like rings amulets boots and gloves to start with.

Area Capture
The capture area system has been added. Here once your guild captures a zone your guild will enjoy benefits such as better gold/exp as well as access to secret shops and other goodies.

Character Creation was polished up even more and now is much more new player friendly. It also now includes the ability to pick a neutral divinity.

We also spent quite a bit of time rebalancing races / classes so you will notice a lot of changes there as well. To go along with that we are giving everyone the ability to reset their stats.

The quest system has also been improved to be more new player friendly. Quests are now color coded depending on what level you are as well as some other adjustments.

New Areas
A Halloween Holiday Area. Players are roaming around in there as we speak and, while it won’t stay long, by the end of it those mean, nasty, bosses will have died countless times over and the players will, inevitably, loot their corpses. There is, quite literally, something for each and every level to kill, though super low levels (think level 1 – 3) will find it a challenge. Of course no Halloween area should be chock full of treats, so I threw in a few tricks as well...but I’ll keep those tricks to myself.

A new mini-boss in the Karnath Mines has popped up. This is a 3 person late night area that should keep players on their toes while rewarding them greatly!
Reworks Changes have come to Ember Online in the shape of a few small improvements that will have lasting effects. The first is a complete reworking of Arkanmaw, one of the cities in game. A viable story-line has been introduced to make things interesting. Canopia City also saw some large improvements and polish.

We now also have text to speech and a lower contrast client!

**Overall we packed a ton of stuff into this update these are really just the highlights but if you want to check it out come join us over at:

New to Ember-Online? Well this is a great time to get started! We are constantly growing and updating our world. This is a new GMUD with a very active playerbase and staff team. Come join us and don’t forget about claiming your referral bonus if you join with a friend! Here are a few screens for the new client:
Title: Re: Ember Online - Spooky November Update!
Post by: Lavelia on November 04, 2017, 6:07 PM
The changes keep on coming, so feel free to pop on by and check us out!
Title: Re: Ember Online - Spooky November Update!
Post by: Styxy on November 04, 2017, 11:10 PM
Major update and changes, Halloween area will be around for a short time for all to enjoy.

More areas soon to be added :)

Your kids did trick or treat, now it's the adults turn to trick or treat for fun.