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Title: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on December 09, 2013, 5:41 AM
War of Legend is back again @ 4200 Pfiles exist from from the last attemt to revive this MUD!

The MUD is going to have some changes made to it over the next few weeks, but it is very much open!

See previous promotions for the MUD here:

The MUD connector listing for the MUD:

"Are you tired of the same old Godwars muds? Maybe
you like them, but wish there were more classes to
choose from. Perhaps you enjoy a place where you
get to completely destroy your enemies. Does this
describe you? If so, welcome to War of Legend.

Here we offer a broad variety of classes, most of
which are completely original and exclusive to this MUD.
Those that aren't original have completely revamped
skills and abilities. With 8 base classes, 22 subclasses,
countless variations of each and hundreds of skills
to choose from, you have the ability to customize
your characters like nowhere else.

War of Legend does not play like a typical Godwars
MUD. Statistics play a significant role in your
success. Items are generated with the randomness
similar to that in Diablo II. No two pieces of
equipment obtained from creatures are ever exactly
the same. There is also a set of unique items to
purchase that will advance you to the highest
levels of strength.

War of Legend offers a special system of forging
to enhance and upgrade your weapons and armor as
you see fit. With this system you can advance
your equipment through six tiers of growth, each
building on the previous tier. With socketable
jewels that add special bonuses to all of your
equipment you can become a serious force among
your adversaries.

Gold is the currency here. With it, you have
the means to purchase uniques and forge your
equipment. You can purchase tattoos, which add
a vast array of stats and enhancements to make
you stronger. Materia are available, which is
an item that grows as you grow, each with a different
and substantially powerful affect.

You will journey through a progression of one
hundred levels. At the end of that journey you
will have an opportunity to achieve mastery of
your class. With mastery you gain an item and
ability unique to your class that sets you apart
from your peers as well as puts a definitive stamp
on that class. With each passing level you grow
in strength, receive access to more skills, and
develop more of a combat prowess.

Combat in War of Legend is dynamic and diverse.
Skills and abilities exist that support ranged
combat, stealth combat, damage over time spells,
arena combat and countless other features.
The more you fight and win, the stronger you can become.

So whether you prefer to shoot your enemies from
a safe distance with a bow as a Sentinel, sneak
up on them from the shadows as a Ninja, rip them
to pieces as a Demon, lay down the wrath of your
god as a Zealot, call upon the forces of death
as one of the Undead, unleash the fury of your
fangs and claws as a Werewolf, or annihilate them
with the jumping skills of a Dragoon, come see if
you have what it takes to fight in the War of Legend."

This MUD is a part of the GodWars Network - Quality MUDS, with Quality uptime!

Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on December 14, 2013, 5:44 AM
Players are returning daily, and one of the original creators of the mud Radyth connects regularly.
There are a lot of upcoming changes that i am currently working on..

Come check us out!! 4200
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on January 01, 2014, 11:12 AM
Our issues of last week are now 100% fixed.. MUD is now ready to rock!!

Why not come by and give us a go... 4200

Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on January 04, 2014, 4:04 PM
New unique overland mapping system being implemented... Rooms can now be 40 x 40 squares!! with graphics!!

We're now getting alot of newbies, but would love for some of the old timers to return 4200
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on January 26, 2014, 8:03 AM
Still getting an impressive (for this style of mud) playerbase.. and slowly creeping up the MUD connector rankings....

Currently working on an integrated website, and re-balancing classes...

War of Legend is alive @ 4200...

Come check us out!!
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on February 06, 2014, 11:48 AM
Changes made daily to the MUD balance issues looked at and able to be modifiied online without the need to reboot.

War of Legend has been coming on leaps and bounds since its return in December.

The MUD has several dedicated players, that connect day in day out.  A lot of them also help others to improve their characters, giving them hints
and tips on whats best for their class.

We recently have implemented an integrated website, which allows notes to be posted on the site and viewed on the mud, or posted on the MUD and views on the site.

War of Legend - Come try us out
telnet to port 4200
or visit our website @ (
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on February 25, 2014, 5:45 PM
Totally blown away on how popular this MUD has become.

Recently we have created our own forums that are linked to the note system within the MUD

Dungeons are the current feature being worked upon along with the Overland Map system, Dungeon Bosses, special equipment recipes with much much more to come.

War of Legend is improving daily, come check us out @ 4200 (once you have created an account you will have access to website, giving you the ability to post notes, view helpfiles, modify helpfiles, view changes, view upcoming changes and see items currently being sold in player shops)

The original creator of the MUD also has recently started to connect too!!

Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on March 09, 2014, 5:05 AM
Player base has started to slow down recently... but that hasnt meant that the changes have!

We have recently added "player vaults" which allow you to store your EQ/Gold throughout your entire account, and objects/gold can be used on all
of your players.

Our first Dungeon has been completed... this uses our new unique Overland Mapping system.  Where you can get special eq not found in any other
areas of the MUD

You are now able to collect recipes, that will allow you to create Relic EQ after collecting the required components.

In the short time that this MUD has been back there has been MASSIVE development made to the code.  All we need now is the people who were playing to come back, and to continue to play War of Legend @ 4200
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on March 20, 2014, 9:40 AM
Lots of new features added recently.. Vaults - store EQ and gold for other characters in your account
Dungeons - Win vs the Mobs and get special Unique Relic EQ
Recipes - Gather these to create Relics

and MUCH MUCH MORE @ port 4200

Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on March 28, 2014, 6:32 AM
More dungeons being made. New areas incoming, bugs being fixed... come join us @ port 4200
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on April 06, 2014, 8:23 AM
Work has slowed somewhat recently.. and the player base has dropped also... but the mud will pick up again.

Come by and check us out.. you will find us interesting...
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on April 20, 2014, 2:13 PM
recently our pbase has started to pick up again, which is very good for the MUD, we have also recently hired a bug fixing coder so the further advancement of the mud will not halt.

Come on by and give us a go..

We look forwards to seeing you...
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on May 07, 2014, 10:58 AM
LOTS has been changing recently on War of Legend!  We still have a pretty regular player base, with lots of knowledgable people playing.

If you like you MUD to be Pure PK in a modified GodWars style, then its time to give War of Legend a try.

We have 21 classes, 100 levels and lots of special eq that can be created by recipes, Dungeons and much much more.

See for further details.

Or connect to the mud @ port 4200

Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on June 21, 2014, 3:22 PM
Still getting new players by the Day.. War of Legend isnt like your normal every day godwars MUD (we arent even based on the GodWars code!!)

Clans are coming along nicely, along with the clan wilderness area.

Recently there has been some changes to the way stats work in combat to help re-balance the MUD

Once we have more details about the new clan system, we will update this post!!
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Radyth on June 21, 2014, 10:00 PM
The headquarters/base system is still in progress, but it's definitely playable.
Here's the helpfile I wrote to help shed some light on what the new area is
all about. If you've ever played Rust or a Minecraft server with the "factions"
mod installed, you'll feel right at home with this. If not, try us out anyways -
it's a blast!

The first image is from the actual area. The grey area to the left of me is part
of a wall of a base that a player has built. The area uses a map system that I
wrote as an experiment for another MUD (but have significantly improved
upon in War of Legend). It makes use of 256 color support to display
awesome looking maps. The images with the title "River of Flame" show off
an older version of the map system, but they help to show what it's all
about. Using the map is NOT required and neither is 256 color support (but why would you not use MUSHClient?!)

    Build - Build a base, walls, chests and doors. Type 'build' for syntax.
    Destroy - The opposite of build. Type 'destroy' for syntax.
    Harvest - Building & raiding will require resources. 'harvest <obj>'
           Crystals:  Mix these with a bomb in the cube to control the
                      bomb's detonation type. Power crystals are to generate
                      power for things in your base, such as intruder detectors.
           * BETA: Right now, only controlling crystals are relevant.
           Curseweed: Mix these with sulfur in the cube to create bombs.
           * BETA: Only explosion powder is relevant (explosive bombs).
           Trees:     These give you wood, to construct walls.
           Boulders:  These give you stone and metals to construct walls.
                      These also give you sulfur to make bombs.
    Detonate - Used to shoot cannons and to remotely detonate bombs. Type
           'detonate' for syntax.
           * Type detonate <bomb> after you drop the bomb in the room.
    Crecall - Used to travel to the clan area. Once you build a base, it
           will take you there. If you have not built a base yet, you will be
           transported to a random unclaimed location on the map.

The World:
  Resources: Resources spawn all over the world. Some resources favor
  certain types of land. For example, you'll tend to find crystals on sand and
  boulders on dirt. You cannot remove these resources from the clan world, and
  if you die - you will drop all clan-world resources that you are carrying. The
  best way to store these resources are inside of trunks, which you can craft
  via the build command.

  Your Territory: Your base allows you control of a small circle of land on
  the map, in which you are the sole person that is allowed to use doors, open
  trunks, build/destroy and detonate bombs. If you do not close your trunks, any
  player can steal from them. Be sure to keep them closed!

  Raiding: You may use explosives and cannons to lay siege to an enemy's
  base. If you blow up their trunks, all of the items inside of them will drop
  onto the ground. All walls and trunks have 'health', which bombs will deplete
  if caught in range of an explosion. It will require multiple hits to destroy
  walls, and even more so for the better walls. If a wall goes 3 ticks without
  receiving explosive damage, it will fully regenerate. This means it will take
  a constant barrage to sucessfully raid another base.

  PVP Range: There is no range in the clan world. Ganging is allowed.
  Retaliate does not matter.

  Cannons/Bombs: Each cannon you find will have a max distance and accuracy
  associated with it. Place a bomb into a cannon along with any number of
  explosive powders. Explosive powders will determine how far the bomb you are
  shooting will travel (up to the cannon's range). Use cannons to shoot bombs
  into your opponent's territory.
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on July 14, 2014, 2:09 PM
Consistently in the top 30 of muds at Mudconnector GodWars: The War of Legend MUST be doing something right....

Come on by and check us out -> port 3500
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on June 11, 2016, 6:49 AM
Appears the DNS expired for the MUD, you can still connect to it via port 4200 (not alot has been changed for a very long time!!)
Also is currently disabled on the TMC listings, awaiting re-enabling....
Title: Re: War of Legend - Back again
Post by: Tijer on December 12, 2017, 11:49 AM
This MUD is back, two of the original admin of the original MUD are back Zakarowyn and Radyth.  You can find further details about the place here

or 4200