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TMC Forum Rules
« on: August 12, 2013, 9:33 AM »

TMC's goal is to provide a safe environment where people of diverse backgrounds can openly and freely discuss MUD topics, and all users should keep that goal in mind while posting.

Keep posts on topic and in the proper forum. Posts on the staffing/promotions board must be on topic and relevant to the original poster's requests. Do not disrupt discussions with meaningless replies or spam.

Uploading, linking or otherwise promoting offensive material is expressly forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly. This includes pornographic, obscene or otherwise illegal material.

Chat logs are accepted, but must not contain information that can be used to personally identify participants, and must follow the rules regarding appropriate content.

This is a discussion forum, and there will be people who disagree with you. Remember to be respectful and courteous to each other even when disagreeing. Specifically, the following types of behavior are forbidden:

    - Flaming - posts containing personal attacks, ridicule, or otherwise insults another user
    - Trolling - posts that contain inflammatory or derogatory content that baits other users

Do not insult or attack others on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Note: These rules are subject to change at any time.


If staff see something heated or potentially problematic, but not necessarily bad, a request to refocus the discussion will be posted on the thread. No further action will be taken unless the request fails.

If staff see a genuine problem, a warning will be provided, along with an explicit statement about what the issue is and what will happen if it continues. If necessary, staff will clean up any undesirable content (eg, pornography or copyright infringement).

If the problem continues after staff have provided a warning, a time ban will be provided.

If staff have issued a time ban previously with a particular user, and the need for additional warnings continue, the user will be evaluated for a permanent ban.

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